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Project Name: TBA Training 
Project Type: Health
Project Location: Now Bulaq, Samangan.
Duration of Project:
Donor of Project: ASDHA
Status of Project: Closed

This project has indeed a long-term social, economic and political benefit for the communities. Nearly all community members are well aware of the fact that women should participate in society and can play a vital role. Although it seems very odd that how people in such remote area of Afghanistan that during winter it is not easily accessible, has reached to this thinking and mentality, here is worth mentioning that this the third project that HAWCA is implementing in this area. At first we had difficulty with them but due to long-term negotiation and discussion of HAWCA members with local community, HAWCA succeeded in convincing them to let their female family members to be active members of the society.

This project will be also very helpful for this community, because currently in Afghanistan in every 30 minutes a woman dies during giving birth to a child. There are many reasons for the death of women: in remote areas of Afghanistan men are very conservative and don’t let their female family members to visit male doctor; due bad situation of the roads, it is not easy to reach doctors on time. Once the project is implemented, the women from their own villages will be able to help during delivery. Also during this project (18 months) the basic sicknesses of the patients will be treated by the doctor.

The project was proposed to ASDHA to be implemented in a northern province of Afghanistan, rural area of Samangan province where economically poor people are living. The people living in this area are mostly of poor and vulnerable.  The area need development especially education and health assistance is basic need for the people.  As it has been mentioned in the proposal there will be 30 students in one class and one doctor  will teach them two hours per day and six days per week. Fridays will be holiday as week end. Students will come together from the neighbouring houses and they follow the classes regularly besides, in the same time when there is a patient in need of assistance the doctor with a group of 5 trainees will go to assist her in regular turn ( for every patient the doctor with 5 trainees). This activity will be trainees’ practical exercise.  Besides this the doctor will also check the patients from surrounding villages and give them basic medicines.



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