Education: Now Bulaq School in Samangan Province

Project Name: Now Bulaq School    
Project Type: Education
Project Location: Samangan, Afghanistan.
Duration of Project: Since 2001
Donor of Project: ASDHA
Status of Project: Needs to be funded

Now-Bolaq School is one of HAWCA’s school which was basically established in refugee communities in Pakistan, its aim was to establish a school for carpet weaving children of the area. But in the year 2002 when the refugees stated to repatriate and return to their villages, the elders of the community as well as a number of family members of the students suggested HAWCA to also move the school in their village. HAWCA accepted and we are very pleased to the concerned donors who also were kind enough supporting this project inside Afghanistan.

The school was restarted in Now Bolaq right two months after the refugees returned to the village in 2002. But, the school building in this village was bombed during Soviet occupation and the only possible place for the school in the village was the local masque of the village. Again with support and agreement of the community leaders the school was started within the mosque of the village. However, one of the conditions of the community was to use this religious school for temporary time. Therefore, they suggested for building a school.

For the year 2003-4 HAWCA proposed the construction of the school to concerned donors and it was approved. During the year 2004 in the month of November the construction work was finished and it became ready for use for academic year 2005. Now the students are enjoying having a school building with six rooms and 6 local toilettes, drinking water and play ground.

On 19th November 2004 the Now Bolaq primary school was officially opened in presence of H.E. Minister of Women’s Affair Habiba Sarabi, H.E. the Governor of Samangan province Mr. Abdul Haq Shafaq, Director of HAWCA Orzala Ashraf and many other high rank provincial department heads such as head of education department, head of MRRD, head of health department, head of security department etc.

All the students of the Primary School of Now Bolaq received uniforms, stationary (in monthly bases), clothing for winter, food packages and so on.

Now Bolaq School is also registered with the Ministry of Education’s Primary School Department and occasionally is also visited by the provincial education department members.

The school has an extension section in neighboring village called Qaradung. Since the small children cannot cover the way to come to Nowbolaq Village for attending the school. The villager has granted a room of the mosque for classes of the village children. The first grade and third grade is attending in this village and receiving all the support as Now Bolaq school.

In June 2006 ASDHA director Monica Bernabe visited the project and the school building and the extension section of the school together with HAWCA delegations. The school has 230 students and number of 13 staff.

Currently a total number of 280 students are studying in this school and it has reached to 8th grade.
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