8th March is chosen to be the Women’s Day in order to remember the day when ordinary women stood against tyranny and inequality and whose acts of courage and determination changed the lives of millions of women. Years have passed from that historical day yet women are oppressed even in the most advanced countries. Gender-based discrimination and violence is a plague that is growing throughout the world and it is the women who have to face and defeat it. Let us remember those women who united and took the first step in bringing an end to discrimination and violence, and aspire to work for a world where all men and women live in freedom and equality.

HAWCA as part of the ongoing project of LHSRI, supported by our highly valued partner FONS MALLORQUÍ DE SOLIDARITAT I COOPERACIÓ, initiated an immediate response emergency operation for the refugees and IDPs in four of the most highly populated and vulnerable camps located in Kabul. The focus of the food and nutrition packages distribution were children at risk of malnutrition and severely fragile due to the disastrous environment. The food and nutrition packages aim to improve the immediate food security, health and nutritional well-being of children, mainly by diagnosing the urgent and underlying food related causes of malnutrition and its associated diseases.

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