It is since a year that our project titled ‘’ Providing Health & Legal Support to Refugees in Takhar Province, Afghanistan’’ is working in Takhar province for well-being of the refugees lives, with an especial on children in this area. The project is funded and implemented with special cooperation of FONS MALLORQUI, and it was part of the project aim to provide support to refugee children under serious risk of malnutrition and need for health support. As per the UN statistics, 24.4 million of Afghans will be plunged into poverty by mid of 2022 includes 12.9 million children. And we are very concerned that situation can be worse than imagined and number of people needs food and health support jumped to millions in just a matter of few months, a course of time which have been exposed to extreme political transformations in the country.

Millions of people are internally displaced within Afghanistan, without access to food or drinking water and shelter, the main cause of these displacements were the internal wars and urge of poverty in the countryside while each day the water level drops quickly down and the coming years are expected to be more difficult for today’s government to respond to the needs of millions of people which as per UN statistics, by mid of 2022 almost 97% of the country’s population are going to live under poverty line. The humanitarian situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated significantly with the recent political and socioeconomic developments. Essential services are on the brink of collapse, exacerbating the needs of an already vulnerable population is yet to be discussed.

Under this project, our team observed the situation of the people in Takhar province and witnessed the sad fact of significant increase in level of poverty day by day in this province. HAWCA team has been stationed in Takhar province and provided urgent support to the vulnerable people in this province. We have distributed food packages for hundreds of children who were under serious risk of malnutrition and we believe this will effect children the most negative way and hunger is not bearable. Lack of nutrition is now widely effecting each Afghan child and this is a crucial fact unfortunately that the number of children needs basic nutrition increases each day as the country’s whole economic system is at merge of falling down. No investment in the country and growing immigration rate of people who are leaving this country as they lost their hope for this country with closure of businesses, one after another has caused millions of people to lose their jobs or are jobless.

Many children we visited for support having just one-time meal which is mostly boiled corn, these children lost their weight to a concerning level, and we found that almost 96% of these children were suffering acute hunger. Many of these children complained about their health issues and some needed serious medical attention. Children explained that they are only having one-time meal barely in a day!

Children are considered the most vulnerable part of society and the recent political transformation, economic failure of the country, shockingly increase rate of domestic violence, especially while the under-age marriage threats millions of young girls remained in homes with closed doors effected children widely as well. HAWCA feels most responsible and very concerned for the situation of children and women in the country, and aims to provide assistance with the provision of education, food, health and legal support of the children in the most difficult times of Afghanistan yet.

It is a crucial fact that women and children are the most vulnerable part of the society, they are being affected massively through each and every political context, economic and natural disasters. As such, women and children are most effected by a 5.9 magnitude earthquake that struck the South-eastern region of Afghanistan; Spera district in Khost and Barmal and Giyan districts in Paktika on 22 June 2022.

The majority of women and children beside being mostly affected by the earthquake, they were not able to visit a medical treatment doctor for years, the core reason behind it from one side was the poverty and from other side, they were also being effected by patriarchal society. They were suffering from various types of diseases; such as gynecology and childbirth problems, cancer, tuberculosis, stomach illness and psychological disorders. The tragic incident of earthquake, added more to their suffering and worsen their living condition.

HAWCA’s health team, build up from expert doctors, immediately visited the Giyan district of Paktika and with financial support from Donor Direct Action, we were able to reach hundreds of women and children in this rural area, many of these women and children received medical treatment support and assistance. Among the women who visited us for medical treatment assistance, there were many who lost their family members and were in great trauma. Most of them were not even able to express their great panic and pain that they are going through. One of the women, a 50-year-old lady told us that she lost four of her family members, but our doctors supported her physiologically for mental rehabilitation. When we talked to her, she was only able to wave her hand and said that four members of her family were victims of this incident. Like her, many other women were suffering from a serious mental condition and trauma that they were not in a position to speak about it. People's houses were either fully destroyed or they were so leaky that they were not live in them, the majority lived in tents and in wide open areas without access to nutrition and medical support to gain their health back.

The suffering women and children in these rural areas effected massively through earthquake, needs financial and medical support for physical and mental rehabilitation. We are glad and proud that we have been able to provide medical support by HAWCA’s visit in this district, maybe we can hold their hands and bring the smiles to their innocent faces once again to be revived from this tragic natural disaster. On behalf of all those people, all those families; children and women, we are thankful to Donor Direct Action for their immediate genuine support.

If any organizations or individuals are willing to help Afghans, please contact us through our official emails:
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With the school doors being closed to young Afghan girls, girls' hope for a better tomorrow is not lost but strengthened, a hope that will be the reality for the future and tomorrow. It is very sad that it has been a year since the doors of schools across the country have been closed to Afghan girls, they have shed tears hoping today and tomorrow the doors of schools will be reopened. In these difficult political situations, psychological and mental attention and support for Afghan girls can keep their hope alive for a better future. Education is a human right that no one can give or take away, we stand together and hold all Afghan girl’s hands in these hardships.

During a program that was held in HAWCA's office, the girls of the training and literacy courses gathered together to celebrate Teacher's Day, and on this day, they had conversations with their teachers and thanked them for their hard work and efforts.

Humanitarian Assistance for the Women and children of Afghanistan, in continuity to its previous emergency services activities for the IDPs and needy families, this time supported 300 families in Kartai Now, Deh Muradkhan, Timani, Sar Kotal, Khoshal khan, Sarai Herati, Qala Wahid, Karti Sakhi, Niaz bik and Company area of Kabul.

These families had sad stories to share with us.

One of the families that received the aid belong to Fariha. Fariha is living with her 6 children in a mud made house which has holes in its roof and water pours in. Her husband was in Afghan National Army and lost his leg during the fighting and is currently unable to work. Fariha’s children has to beg on the street to earn money to keep the family running. Her eldest daughter who is 9 years old says that she loves to study and wants to become a doctor and help the needy families. Fariha says that its very painful for her to see her daughters’ dreams being destroyed because she cannot go to school since they do not have money for the stationary and she has to beg to earn money to feed the family.

Talawatkhan, a 13 years old boy from another family who is originally from Nangarhar and currently lives in Qala Wahid has a hand trolley and works in Kota Sangi market. He says that he hardly makes 100 to 150 per day. HAWCA team visited his family in Qala Wahid. The family was very happy to see the staff and greeted them. They said that Talawatkhan is the only member of the family who is healthy and able to earn money. Her mother said that her other children have some sort of skin disease which creates injuries on their body and cannot work, she said that they do not have the money for their treatment.

Aziz is the father of 5 children and is living in Deh Murad Khan. He is also responsible to take care of his mother who is very sick. Aziz was a soldier in the previous government and lost his job once the Taliban took over the country. He sells vegetables in the local market and barely makes any money. Azizs wife says that sometimes her husband is able to earn money to buy 5 breads buts most of the time even that is not possible since the number of people who sells vegetable in the market has increased. She continued that unfortunately her children are unable to go to school since they cannot afford the expenses of their education.

Nooria, another woman from Kartai Sakhi, lost her father and mother in 1990 when a rocket hit their home and since then she has psychological issues. Noori is now responsible to take care of her two children and also take care of her nephew whose parents were killed. Although she is sick, still she sells plastics to earn money and keep the family running.

These were some details of few of the people who were provided support. Today the Ukraine news is covered by all media around the world and Afghanistan has been forgotten. We ask the world not to forget Afghanistan and that there are many who are still in urgent need.

If any organizations or individuals are willing to help Afghans, please contact us through our official emails:
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We strongly condemn the cruel, brutal and anti-human suicide attack on the innocent female students of the Kaaj Training Center in Dasht Barchi, Kabul on September 30, 2022, and we sympathize with the families of the victims from the bottom of our hearts.

We will always remember them and follow their path for education and knowledge, and to not let their fight for right of education vague away, we will continue and step in their path, and education is a woman's full right, which cannot be taken away from her and we must pave the way so that women can make the world a better place with education for everyone. HAWCA is constantly seeking to establish centers for providing education to women, and this year we have been able to provide more than 500 Afghan women with the opportunity to learn literacy, vocational skills and engaged in empowerment programs for women. And yet, we are looking to expand these educational centers so to prevent women to be deprived from education at massive levels and fill the gap in these very difficult political situations of the country.

By lighting a candle, the HAWCA team shared their grief with the victims of this incident and expressed their regretful feelings for such incidents from the bottom of their hearts.

In continuity to our emergency supports, this time HAWCA staff visited Chahar Qala Wazir Abad and provided emergency aids to the needy families there.
One of the families receiving the aid belong to Farkhonda.
Farkhonda has 4 children and is living with her husband in a mud made house. Her husband has a hand trolley and sells vegetables in the local market. Farkhonda says that before the arrival of Taliban her husband was able to earn enough to feed the family, however, now a days since many people have lost their jobs, the number of people with hand trollies has increased. They are all selling fruits and vegetable in the market and so her husband barely makes 100 to 150 AFN per day which is not enough to feed the family and so the children have to sell plastic bags and sometimes beg.
Farkhonda was very happy to receive the aid and gave her warmest regards to the donor and supporters of HAWCA.
If any organizations or individuals are willing to help Afghans, please contact us through our official emails:
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I wanted to reach out and inform everyone of a very destructive and devastating floods that have crushed several provinces of Afghanistan and left countless people homeless, injured and in need of urgent help.

According to the Bakhtar News Agency (BNA), ‘’flash flooding struck in the northern Parwan Province on 13 August 2022 following heavy rainfall. Affected districts include Ghorband (also known as Syagird) and Shinwari. BNA said that 31 people died in the floods and 17 were injured only in Parwan province. Around 100 people are feared missing and the death toll is likely to rise.’’

Flooding has also impacted areas of Logar Province in the last few days. Afghan Red Crescent reported at least 1 fatality, 3 injured and over 80 houses damaged or destroyed, along with wide areas of agricultural land. The floods in Parwan and Logar provinces come after a series of severe flash floods across the country in early July and again in late July left a combined total of over 75 people dead, according to figures from the UN. The floodwater also struck Nangarhar province, according to UN report and statistics, damage to infrastructure was also reported, including the destruction of roads, river protection walls and irrigation systems as well as destruction of crops and agriculture land. Nineteen people were killed across Kunar (15) and Nangarhar (4) provinces.

A further 131 were injured across Kunar (90), Laghman (40) and Nangarhar (1). in addition, 325 people who had been cut off in Kund and Dehgal areas of Chapadara district in Kunar province, while reportedly over 11,400 livestock were killed as a result of this floods. There is a high probability and fear that the fatality results of this floodwater is till vague and not covered in detail by media.

HAWCA wants to take urgent measures in this field to support the victims of these floodwater by going to site visit to distribute emergency aid packages, provide food and medical treatment assistance to the victims of this incident. Therefore, as always, we are asking our international partners to help these victims, including children and women. Since most of the victims of these natural accidents in today’s Afghanistan do not have any access to health or relief centers, and this is exactly making these people including women and children more vulnerable. Your help can be a source of inspiration, hope and life for the victims of these floods. We are grateful now and always for your standing with the people of Afghanistan who are certainly under the burden of extreme political and economic problems.

Please reach us by using below emails for donation and support guidelines.
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HAWCA team,

Shahnaz has seven daughters and one son. She is living in a large basement which is 6X4 meters big and a single room and is very humid. Her husband has a hand trolley and barely makes 100 AFN per day. That’s why they family cannot rent a house and has to live in this large humid basement in this cold winter. The family pays AFN 1500 and also does the house work of the owner to cover the rent of the place. The large basement is the living room, the kitchen, the sleeping room etc. the children also beg after returning from the school so that they could find something to eat.
Shahnaz children use to go to HAWCA peace Building Center which was close to them and they use to get stationary and other school items. As the Peace Building Center is close now due to lack of funds, her daughters have to walk 3 kilometers to go to another center which is free, however, that center do not provide them with stationary or any other type of aid. Shahnaz says” my daughters have to wear plastic bags instead of socks since I do not have money to buy socks and shoes for them. Their current shoes are torn and water gets in, I hope the Peace Building Center starts soon so that they could go there again”.
Shahnaz was very much thankful for the aid that her family received and stated that the food package will help them a lot and she can buy stationary for her children from what is earned in this month.
If any organizations or individuals are willing to help Afghans, please contact us through our official emails:
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