Caged Bird: Stories from Safe House and Nadia Anjuman's Poems


This book (both Dari and English in one volume) contains stories written by beneficiaries of safe house. Their name and other critical information has been changed to hide their identity because of their safety. Poems of Nadia Anjuman, Afghan female poet who died due to domestic violence, have been added in this book. Some pictures from safe house and drawings by beneficiaries of safe house asking for EVAW has been also included in this book. Ines Alberdi, Executive Director of UNIFEM, and Luisa Morgantini, Vice President of European Parliament, have sent their exclusive messages which has been published in the book. Introduction of the book has been written by Cristina Lamb - journalist, columnist and writer and currently chief editor of Sunday Times - who had personally met Nadia Anjuman in 2001.

The printing of this book has been funded by NZAID and translation into English has been done by Alex Strick van Linschoten and Felix Kuehn from Afghanwire.


You can order this book by sending email to hawca[at]hawca[dot]org.

Price: US $15 - €12 - £12 plus transportation charges. The money raised from selling of this book will go to the activities of HAWCA for EVAW.

In Kabul you can buy it from the following addresses:
1- HAWCA Main Office
House No. 1137/P, Selo Oil Pump Street,
Khushal Khan Mina, District 5,
Kabul, Afghanistan.
Phone: +93 (0)797 07 59 75
+93 (0)708 21 65 66
2- Gandamack Lodge
Sherpur Square, next to the UNHCR HQ, just up the road from DHL,
across the road from the queues for visas at the Embassy of Iran.
Phone: +93 (0)700 27 6937

Other outlets will be soon announced.


HAWCA would like to acknowledge all of individuals and organizations for their great assistance in publishing this book. Our special thanks to Inés Alberdi, Executive Director of UNIFEM, and Luisa Morgantini, Vice President of the European Parliament, for sending their exclusive messages for this book and Christina Lamb – journalist, columnist and writer – who had personally met Nadia Anjuman and wrote the introduction for this book.

We acknowledge the great work of Alex Strick van Linschoten and Felix Kuehn from Afghanwire for their help in translation of stories and poems and Orzala Ashraf for compiling the stories and translation. Thanks to Nocem Collado and Philip Poupin for sharing their beautiful pictures to be published in this book. Your efforts lend a hand in making the world know about the continuing plight on Afghan women. And our gratitude goes to NZAID for funding the printing of this book.

Last but not least, HAWCA wants to thank the staff of “Safe House for Women at Risk” for the great work they are doing and the beneficiaries for sharing their stories and showing their resistance against oppression.

We are proud of Nadia Anjuman for fighting for equality of women in society through her amazing poems. You will always have special place in our heart and we will never forget you.

And our salute to all women who are fighting for equal rights of woman.