Job announcement of two female Defense Lawyers for the project of Legal Aid Center for the Female Victims of Violence in Herat city


Post Title: Defense lawyer
Location: Herat City
Duration:    3 months probationary  period and full contract for 1 year  
No. of Post(s): 2
Sex: Female
Nationality: Afghan
Salary: Based on the organization salary scale
Announcing Date: 04/07/2009
Closing Date: 15/07/2009
Submission Email: hawca[at]hawca[dot]org and a cc to hawca.lac.herat[at]gmai[dot]com


HAWCA is a women headed organization which was established in January 1999. HAWCA’s establishment was motivated by the despair and devastation suffered by Afghan women and children as victims of war and injustice in Afghanistan and as refugees in Pakistan. The leading members of HAWCA committed to achieving their aims and objectives as volunteers, and devoted their efforts to improving the lives of Afghans under difficult circumstances, from the era of Taliban domination to today’s insecure Afghanistan. HAWCA as an organization in principle and practice condemns and does not tolerate any type of discrimination such as ethnic, gender, political, religious and others within its ranks and beyond.

HAWCA is engaged in EVAW activities since its establishment but more actively involved to help EVAW process since 2003 by protecting women at risk and lobbying for women's human rights at national, regional and international level.

In the next coming month HAWCA is opening a Legal Aid Center for the Female Victims of Violence in Herat City. In this center, two lawyers who will be well-experienced with the help of under-graduate law students/practicing lawyers will provide legal advice and assistance for women and girls who are victims of domestic and sexual violence and harmful practices. This legal center will also provide legal trainings to the recently graduated law students and other women and girls. The content of the trainings for the law students will be more focused on how to deal with their clients to gain their trust and help them out. Other professional trainings will be also provided to them. We will also have trainings for other women and girls. These trainings will include the women rights in Afghanistan Constitution; International Law and etc. The trainers of these trainings will be law professionals and lecturers from Law Faculty of university. Besides this the legal aid center will try to establish a close coordination and relation with organizations that provide legal aid and advice to females.

HAWCA is announcing job vacancies for two female Defense Lawyers:

Main responsibilities and duties:

  • File the cases of domestic and sexual violence;
  • Provide legal assistance to the cases in the court as required with the help of practicing lawyer;
  • Civil and domestic violence casework, as required;
  • Provide legal advice as appropriate to the beneficiaries and practicing lawyers;
  • Train the practicing lawyer on legal and case filing issues as required;
  • Liaise with families of beneficiaries as appropriate;
  • Participate in on-going education to improve legal and defense lawyer knowledge and skills;
  • Attend meetings, conferences and workshops, as required;
  • Represent HAWCA and network with all stakeholders including government offices;
  • Keep beneficiaries documentations and stories of beneficiaries as required;
  • Provide weekly and  monthly reports for project manager as required;
  • Provide monthly progressive report of the case for project manager;
  • Work with the project manager to ensure the appropriate implementation of the project;
  • Work the project manager to achieve the programmatic goal and objective of the project and over all organization goal in the process of EVAW;
  • Initiate and investigate new ways to identify the root causes of violence against women;
  • Improve the women's human rights knowledge of beneficiaries in Afghanistan context in accordance with constitution, national laws and international conventions;
Qualification: Bachelor degree in law/ political sciences or related field
Experience: Three years work experience in relevant field is required, with increasing responsibilities in managing and evaluating legal programs.
Languages: Fluent communication skills (Oral and Written) in both national languages Dari and Pashto is required. Knowledge of English is preferences.  
Other Requirements: Knowledge, ability and computer skill: Knowledge of basic computer is required. An in-depth knowledge of political, social and cultural characteristic of Afghanistan is required. Knowledge of national laws and international conventions and treaties are highly required.
Submission: Please send the soft copy of your CV and interest letter in Dari, Pashto or English to hawca[at]hawca[dot]org and hawca.lac.herat[at]gmail[dot]com
And hard copy to: HAWCA Main Office, House No. 1137/P, Selo Oil Pump Street, Khushal Khan Mina, , District 5, Kabul, Afghanistan.