Participation of HAWCA representative in Workshop of CEDAW Shadow Report in India

The Workshop of CEDAW Shadow Report Writing was arranged by IWRAW Asia Pacific, SANGAT and CEDAW Initiative Committee (CIC) from on 21-25th March 2009 in India Islamic Culture Center, New Delhi, India.
HAWCA along with 24 other women organizations attended 5 days workshop in India to learn how to write a shadow report and measures and mechanism for collecting data for this report. This workshop was organized by CIC with the technical and financial support of IWRAW Asia Pacific and their local partner SANGAT. This workshop was the follow up of Workshop that CIC organized for 50 organizations in Kabul on 12-13 October 2008. The objective for the workshop in Delhi was:
  • To enhance understanding on women's human rights within the United Nations human rights system;
  • To enhance understanding on the foundational principles of CEDAW, including state obligation, non-discrimination and substantive equality;
  • To build skills on the application of CEDAW;
  • To build understanding on the role of NGOs in the CEDAW Alternative/shadow reporting process, and it relevance to national activism and advocacy;
  • To ensure clarity and understanding of the processes involved in preparing an alternative report;
  • To enhance understanding on the operational tools and procedures for research and data gathering in order to facilitate the writing of an alternative report;
  • To enhance expertise and increase proficiency in writing an alternative/shadow report;
  • To enhance skills on using and alternative/shadow report as an advocacy tool to promote woman's rights within Afghanistan;
  • CEDAW and Islam.
In total 8 trainers belonging to different human rights organizations in India conducted the training and a participatory method of training were used.
The 5 days workshop's content was divided into four parts:
  1.  Overview of the international human rights system; key features and basic principal of CEDAW;
  2. Mechanism and procedures under the convention;
  3. Planning the civil society alternative/shadow report;
  4. Using the shadow report and its process as a tool for change.
At the end the group decided to make different committee under the leadership of CIC in order to start work on gathering the data for the shadow report and make everything ready for the report writing.