HAWCA is opening "Legal Aid Center for Female Victims of Violence" in Kabul

After the successful opening of "Legal Aid Center for Female Victims of Violence" in Herat City, HAWCA is opening another "Legal Aid Center for Female Victims of Violence" in Kabul City in the next coming days. This project has been funded by Oxfam Novib, British Embassy in Kabul and NZAID with the help of an Afghan organization, Fayaz Foundation, based in Netherlands, active in lobbying and advocacy for Woman's Rights. This center will work for the victims of domestic violence, sexual violence and harmful practices.

In this center, two lawyers who will be well-experienced with the help of under-graduate law students/practicing lawyers will provide legal advice and assistance for women and girls who are victims of domestic and sexual violence. This legal center will also provide legal trainings to the recently graduated law students and other women and girls. The content of the trainings for the law students will be more focused on how to deal with their clients to gain their trust and help them out. Other professional trainings will be also provided to them. We will also have trainings for other women and girls. These trainings will include the women rights in Afghanistan Constitution; International Law and etc. The trainers of these trainings will be law professionals and professors from Law Faculty of Kabul University. Besides this the legal aid center will try to establish a close coordination and relation with organizations that provide legal aid and advice to females.