Inernational women's day

Humanitarian Assistance for the women and Children of Afghanistan (HAWCA) congratulates the 8th of March to all women around the world and particularly to the Afghan women who are mostly the victims of gender base violence. HAWCA is a women right defending organization and is determined to eliminate violence against women or at least reduce the usage of violence against women and so most of its projects are concerned with this activity. HAWCA celebrates this day every year to remind everyone of the high courage of women who stood for their rights. This day is celebrated in Afghanistan while different types of violence against women could be seen in all parts of Afghanistan. HAWCA has always tried to remind the women of their historical movements to achieve their rights so that they do not allow anyone to violate their rights. 8th of March is a chance for women to unite and stand together and eliminate all types of social violence. HAWCA hopes that one day the Afghan women gets their equality of human rights and get free from all forms of violence