Study tour and Exchange of Experiences in India

The study tour was for participants to learn and observe sustainable approaches implemented including income generation activities for women in shelters, exit strategies to support women leaving the shelter and the means and mechanisms undertaken by shelters to raise funds to create less dependency on donor funding.

The program was organized by IDLO from 29/2/2016 to 4/3/2016 and Humanitarian Assistant for Women and Children of Afghanistan (HAWCA) being a shelter implementing organization was also invited to take part.

The program was for five days and representatives of different organizations participated in  it. Meetings were organized with Lawyers collectives, Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), Doctors without borders, department of women and children development, Technology and action for rural advancement (TARA), All India women’s conference, Guild for service and NAVJYOTI India Foundation.

written by Rohina Bawer