The current condition of children in Afghanistan (HAWCA students CDC)


Afghanistan is a country that has witness more than three decades of continuous war from which children has suffered the most.
Thousands of children were killed during the civil war of 1990s and were victims of different forms of violence.
When Taliban came to power the condition of children became worse, the girls and women were denied from their right to education. Schools were burned and young boys were forced to join their “Madrasas” so that they could be raised having their terrorist taught in minds. The same children were latter victims of rape, beating and other forms of violence.
With the coming of the collation forces the people thought that their economical, social, cultural and security condition will get better. But unfortunately after 14 years of their presence in Afghanistan, people are still victims of insecurity, poverty and injustice. Currently more than 28 percent of Afghan children are victims of force labor like selling plastics; chewing gums etc on the streets or polish boats, work in the shops, scavenge the garbage or beg on the streets. More than 30 percent of Afghan children do not have access to primary education. In rural provinces and districts due to lake of security most of the schools are closed.
But most important of all is, that children are used as weapons in suicide attacks and fighting, transportation and selling of weapons, drugs and other illegal materials.
Like all other things, the situation of children can be made better if: firstly the political system of the country becomes self sufficient and the hand of foreign intruders are cut from our internal and external affairs forever, secondly security is brought throughout Afghanistan, thirdly constructing factories and providing job for people, fourthly creating a culture that respects the child rights, Human rights, social and National unity.