Meeting of HAWCA’s representative with Chairperson of Nepal Parliament



Rohina Bawer representative of HAWCA has met with Ms Ranju Kumari Jha, she is Chairperson of Parliamentary Committee on Women, Children, Senior Citizen and Social Welfare (PCWCSCSW), Legislative Parliament of Nepal since 2014. Earlier, she has served as a lawyer and advocacy campaigner in gender empowerment and protection of child rights. She was the Member of Constituent Assembly that enacted the Constitution of Nepal 2015. She is also the central Secretary of All Nepal Women Association, she holds MA, LLB from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

The Parliamentary Committee (PCWCSCSW) consists of 50 members and is mandated to make and amend laws related to four ministries. It also supervises government policies and programmes that relates to the following Nepal Government Ministries:

        Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare

        Ministry of Education

        Ministry of Youth and Sports

        Ministry of Health

Apart from directing the above four ministries on various issues, the Committee in two years have comprehensively deliberated and forwarded the following laws which the Legislature Parliament plenary session passed and received Presidential assent. 


1.       Act on Sexual Harassment at Workplace (Control)

2.       Act on Witchcraft (Control)

3.       Act on Youth Empowerment

4.       Act on Immunization

5.       Act on Pokhara Health Science Academy

6.       Amendment Act on Human Body Transplantation (Regulation and Prohibition)

7.       Act on Open University

8.       Amendment Act on Education

She was very happy from HAWCA activities and believes that HAWCA’s women make a difference for Afghan women, women all around the world must be together to bring changes. Nepal women claims their support with afghan women, to reach in a society with equality and justice.