HAWCA Celebrating the 8th of March


Celebrating the 8th of March is an important activity that HAWCA performs every year. The Idea of celebrating this day is to show the world that in Afghanistan we still have many courageous and strong women activists who are willing to sacrifice everything to bring justice and equality in the country. The program also aims to show the situation of Afghan women and how we can eliminate violence against women through unity.

Like all previous years, in this years’ event we had the pleasure of having our partner organizations with us. Ms. Federica Mesi the director of COSPE was present in this program which made the event even more appealing. It is worth to mention that this program was fully prepared by the students of Precious lives project implemented by HAWCA.


Ms. Najia Karimi the executive director of HAWCA while giving a speech on 8th of March.

Rohina Bawar the communication officer of HAWCA under AHRAM project giving information on women activities.

HAWCA students singing a song on women during the celebration of 8th of March.

HAWCA students reading jointly a poem on women during the celebration of 8th of march.

Students of HAWCA picturing how women are harassed in Afghanistan. and how gender base discrimination takes place in families, through a drama.