(Code name 002) (To protect the identity of the victim HAWCA uses code name instead of the original names)

Six month ago my mother died due to the cancer that she had. my father is addicted to drugs. I am the eldest daughter of the family so I have to take all responsibilities of my family. One day I went to Kabul with my family to take part in the wedding of my sister in law. At the end of the wedding my brother and my sisters’ husband went home without informing me so after three days I went to my home. After 15 days my brother and my sisters’ husband brought a child to our house. when I asked them who is the child, they said it is none of your business and be quite. They took my mobile and told me not to speak about the child with anyone. I was becoming worried about my brother because he is very young and he is unable to differentiate between good and bad.

One night they talked with their friends about this child and at that time I knew that they have kidnapped this child. Before I could report to the police about the kidnapping, our house was surrounded by the police and I was accused of Kidnapping and so they arrested me and put me in jail.



HAWCA defense lawyer went to person and take her case and defending her in the court.

The defense lawyer immediately opened an investigation and started gathering information about the case. After many investigations she was able to provide proofs that she was innocent and had nothing to do with the kidnapping. The police also arrested six of the kidnappers who confess that they had hand in this kidnapping.

After all the hearings the court passed a decree stating that the 6 kidnappers were to be punished with 20 years of imprisonment and our client was to be set free.

When she was freed from the prison, she took a deep breath and thanked God and HAWCA and its donors for supporting her.