(Code name 137) (To protect the identity of the victim HAWCA uses code name instead of the original names)

We are four sister and brothers and I am the eldest of them. When I was 10 years old my father died. My mother is an illiterate woman and she earns money for our maintenance in a very difficult way, all day long she works as cleaner and washes other peoples’ laundry.

Due to poor economic condition of our family, my mother decided to engage me to my cousin when I was only 14 years old. Unfortunately for me he is unemployed and addicted to drug. I did not agree to this arrangement but no one listen to me and after one month I had to marry him.

On the first day of our marriage he beat me for not looking at him, after that every day he uses to beat me for no reason. He also asked me for unappropriated sexual activities and when I reject his demand, he would beat me with a stick. In addition, my mother in law always interfere in our personal matters and stimulated my husband to beat me.

He forced me to go outside and find money for him even if I had to beg. One day, when he kicked me out to find money for him I went to the police station and at last I was introduced to HAWCA women protection center where a case was opened for me. I have no complain against my mother because I feel that she also had no option and could not support us all, but I want to take my divorce and punish my husband and his mother for their cruel acts.


Her case was registered in the HAWCA registration book and the necessary information was given to her by HAWCA defense lawyer.

Her case was introduced to general attorney. She was sent to the forensic to find out if she has been beaten. The medical tests proved that she has been victim of beating, after that her case was sent to general attorney department of elimination of violence. She got her divorce and her husband was imprisoned. She was reintegrated with her mother and she was contacted for 6 months after which she decided to marry the man of her choice.