(Code name 54) (To protect the identity of the victim HAWCA uses code name instead of the original names)


I got married seven years ago with a person I didn’t know. It was my family decision, so I agreed. We have four children. In the first years of our relation, I was very happy and we had very enjoyable life.

After some time my husband behavior changed. He left his job and found new friends who were addicted to drugs. Soon he also started to use drugs. He was usually spending his days and nights away from home and was unaware of our problem and needs. Whenever he whenever he came home, he beat and insulted me for no reason.

Several times I tried to help him and convince him to leave his addicted friends and change his behavior which was effecting our life and children. Unfortunately he never listened to me.

We were hungry for days, we didn’t have anything at home, and sometimes neighbors were bringing us their leftover food. I was depressed and worried about our future: who and how long would help us? For how long I would have to tolerate this miserable situation?

I decided to discuss this issues with my husband’s family. When they heard about it, they just listened, they not only did not believed me but they blamed me for what was going on in my home.

I went to the elders of my own family to get help and advice. They tried their best to talk to my husband and force him to stop using drugs. But nothing worked, he didn’t changed, he continued meeting his addicting friends to buy drugs, he continued to beat me and my children, he continued to grab my money and our other belonging to sell it for drugs. Day by day our situation was getting worse. Finally he warned me that he is leaving me and getting married to another woman. This was the end of tolerance and hope, I asked him for divorce. As I asked him to divorce me, he started beating me even more and violently. Not only my soul but my body was too hurt and I was in a deep pain. I was crying day and night.

Finally one early morning when he was still asleep, I left home and went to Human Rights Commission and asked for help and protection. The HRC referred me to HAWCA WPC.


Her case was registered and all the necessary information were given to her by HAWCA defense lawyer.

She was sent to forensic to confirm her injury type (as she was beaten) and then the examination result was also added in her case file.  Arrest warrant was issued for her husband by district 13 police station. For the moment her husband has left their residential area and has moved to an unknown location.

The victim lived in HAWCA WPC and participated in all educational and skill training courses. She has learnt how to be strong and confident to protect her children and live a life free of violence and discrimination.

Currently she has decided to stay with her mother. The reason she decided so is that there are high chances that her husband would come to visit her and government authorities can arrest him.

We have assured her that our defense lawyer will defend the case and also if she faces any kind of risk or threat, we are here to provide all needed support and protection.