Emergency Support to Families in Need

Humanitarian Assistance for the Women and children of Afghanistan, in continuity to its previous emergency services activities for the IDPs and needy families, this time supported 300 families in Kartai Now, Deh Muradkhan, Timani, Sar Kotal, Khoshal khan, Sarai Herati, Qala Wahid, Karti Sakhi, Niaz bik and Company area of Kabul.

These families had sad stories to share with us.

One of the families that received the aid belong to Fariha. Fariha is living with her 6 children in a mud made house which has holes in its roof and water pours in. Her husband was in Afghan National Army and lost his leg during the fighting and is currently unable to work. Fariha’s children has to beg on the street to earn money to keep the family running. Her eldest daughter who is 9 years old says that she loves to study and wants to become a doctor and help the needy families. Fariha says that its very painful for her to see her daughters’ dreams being destroyed because she cannot go to school since they do not have money for the stationary and she has to beg to earn money to feed the family.

Talawatkhan, a 13 years old boy from another family who is originally from Nangarhar and currently lives in Qala Wahid has a hand trolley and works in Kota Sangi market. He says that he hardly makes 100 to 150 per day. HAWCA team visited his family in Qala Wahid. The family was very happy to see the staff and greeted them. They said that Talawatkhan is the only member of the family who is healthy and able to earn money. Her mother said that her other children have some sort of skin disease which creates injuries on their body and cannot work, she said that they do not have the money for their treatment.

Aziz is the father of 5 children and is living in Deh Murad Khan. He is also responsible to take care of his mother who is very sick. Aziz was a soldier in the previous government and lost his job once the Taliban took over the country. He sells vegetables in the local market and barely makes any money. Azizs wife says that sometimes her husband is able to earn money to buy 5 breads buts most of the time even that is not possible since the number of people who sells vegetable in the market has increased. She continued that unfortunately her children are unable to go to school since they cannot afford the expenses of their education.

Nooria, another woman from Kartai Sakhi, lost her father and mother in 1990 when a rocket hit their home and since then she has psychological issues. Noori is now responsible to take care of her two children and also take care of her nephew whose parents were killed. Although she is sick, still she sells plastics to earn money and keep the family running.

These were some details of few of the people who were provided support. Today the Ukraine news is covered by all media around the world and Afghanistan has been forgotten. We ask the world not to forget Afghanistan and that there are many who are still in urgent need.

If any organizations or individuals are willing to help Afghans, please contact us through our official emails:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.