Emergency Support to Earthquake Victims

It is a crucial fact that women and children are the most vulnerable part of the society, they are being affected massively through each and every political context, economic and natural disasters. As such, women and children are most effected by a 5.9 magnitude earthquake that struck the South-eastern region of Afghanistan; Spera district in Khost and Barmal and Giyan districts in Paktika on 22 June 2022.

The majority of women and children beside being mostly affected by the earthquake, they were not able to visit a medical treatment doctor for years, the core reason behind it from one side was the poverty and from other side, they were also being effected by patriarchal society. They were suffering from various types of diseases; such as gynecology and childbirth problems, cancer, tuberculosis, stomach illness and psychological disorders. The tragic incident of earthquake, added more to their suffering and worsen their living condition.

HAWCA’s health team, build up from expert doctors, immediately visited the Giyan district of Paktika and with financial support from Donor Direct Action, we were able to reach hundreds of women and children in this rural area, many of these women and children received medical treatment support and assistance. Among the women who visited us for medical treatment assistance, there were many who lost their family members and were in great trauma. Most of them were not even able to express their great panic and pain that they are going through. One of the women, a 50-year-old lady told us that she lost four of her family members, but our doctors supported her physiologically for mental rehabilitation. When we talked to her, she was only able to wave her hand and said that four members of her family were victims of this incident. Like her, many other women were suffering from a serious mental condition and trauma that they were not in a position to speak about it. People's houses were either fully destroyed or they were so leaky that they were not live in them, the majority lived in tents and in wide open areas without access to nutrition and medical support to gain their health back.

The suffering women and children in these rural areas effected massively through earthquake, needs financial and medical support for physical and mental rehabilitation. We are glad and proud that we have been able to provide medical support by HAWCA’s visit in this district, maybe we can hold their hands and bring the smiles to their innocent faces once again to be revived from this tragic natural disaster. On behalf of all those people, all those families; children and women, we are thankful to Donor Direct Action for their immediate genuine support.

If any organizations or individuals are willing to help Afghans, please contact us through our official emails:
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