Emergency Support to the victims of destructive floods in Afghanistan

I wanted to reach out and inform everyone of a very destructive and devastating floods that have crushed several provinces of Afghanistan and left countless people homeless, injured and in need of urgent help.

According to the Bakhtar News Agency (BNA), ‘’flash flooding struck in the northern Parwan Province on 13 August 2022 following heavy rainfall. Affected districts include Ghorband (also known as Syagird) and Shinwari. BNA said that 31 people died in the floods and 17 were injured only in Parwan province. Around 100 people are feared missing and the death toll is likely to rise.’’

Flooding has also impacted areas of Logar Province in the last few days. Afghan Red Crescent reported at least 1 fatality, 3 injured and over 80 houses damaged or destroyed, along with wide areas of agricultural land. The floods in Parwan and Logar provinces come after a series of severe flash floods across the country in early July and again in late July left a combined total of over 75 people dead, according to figures from the UN. The floodwater also struck Nangarhar province, according to UN report and statistics, damage to infrastructure was also reported, including the destruction of roads, river protection walls and irrigation systems as well as destruction of crops and agriculture land. Nineteen people were killed across Kunar (15) and Nangarhar (4) provinces.

A further 131 were injured across Kunar (90), Laghman (40) and Nangarhar (1). in addition, 325 people who had been cut off in Kund and Dehgal areas of Chapadara district in Kunar province, while reportedly over 11,400 livestock were killed as a result of this floods. There is a high probability and fear that the fatality results of this floodwater is till vague and not covered in detail by media.

HAWCA wants to take urgent measures in this field to support the victims of these floodwater by going to site visit to distribute emergency aid packages, provide food and medical treatment assistance to the victims of this incident. Therefore, as always, we are asking our international partners to help these victims, including children and women. Since most of the victims of these natural accidents in today’s Afghanistan do not have any access to health or relief centers, and this is exactly making these people including women and children more vulnerable. Your help can be a source of inspiration, hope and life for the victims of these floods. We are grateful now and always for your standing with the people of Afghanistan who are certainly under the burden of extreme political and economic problems.

Please reach us by using below emails for donation and support guidelines.
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HAWCA team,