HAWCA team gathered to express their condolences to families of victims of Kaaj Educational Centre

We strongly condemn the cruel, brutal and anti-human suicide attack on the innocent female students of the Kaaj Training Center in Dasht Barchi, Kabul on September 30, 2022, and we sympathize with the families of the victims from the bottom of our hearts.

We will always remember them and follow their path for education and knowledge, and to not let their fight for right of education vague away, we will continue and step in their path, and education is a woman's full right, which cannot be taken away from her and we must pave the way so that women can make the world a better place with education for everyone. HAWCA is constantly seeking to establish centers for providing education to women, and this year we have been able to provide more than 500 Afghan women with the opportunity to learn literacy, vocational skills and engaged in empowerment programs for women. And yet, we are looking to expand these educational centers so to prevent women to be deprived from education at massive levels and fill the gap in these very difficult political situations of the country.

By lighting a candle, the HAWCA team shared their grief with the victims of this incident and expressed their regretful feelings for such incidents from the bottom of their hearts.