HAWCA students celebrating 25th of November, A day for elimination of violence against Women

Afghan women face all kinds of violence, some of which are not considered violence even from the point of view of today's society, including verbal and psychological violence that women face every day. And more painful is the fact that women cannot go to any kind of justice and legal center in the country if they found that their rights are being violated by their partners, brothers, or any other person in society. This means, women now bear all types of harassment and physical violence without being helped, supported, or filing a complaint for it.

On November 25th, the day for the elimination of violence against women, HAWCA student girls come together to celebrate this day and joined their hands for the solidarity of women in Afghanistan. This program was organized by girls and women of this educational and support center of HAWCA. Topics such as violence against women, causes of violence against women in Afghanistan, how to fight against the perpetrators of violence, and the determination and standing of women to achieve their rights were among the topics discussed by the students of this center.

One of the students said, "We women always talk about violence, but I stand in front of you today and say that fighting and standing in front of the obstacles are preventing us from achieving our rights, and fighting for our rights is the only way left for us to stand for ourselves and all other women who face domestic violence and their voice ending in vain and no support is there for women whom their rights are extremely violated by anyone in the society. I am able to stand in front of you today and say that we are not the women of yesterday who bear violence anymore since now I am aware of my rights and I have to stand for my rights and the rights of other women like me".

She added, "Maybe we all have come across many definitions of violence in books, magazines, and social media, but the definition we can have about violence from our own life history will fill the pages, and it is unbearable for any human to be in such a situation. Each of us experienced many types of violence in our daily lives, so when we can say "no" to violence, we all fight together against it, and with one voice we say that we cannot bear violence anymore and we need to stand together to stop the violence against women and gender discrimination".