It is an undeniable fact that war causes extreme insecurity, poverty, and scarcity, and is the main regulator of boosting domestic violence against women and young girls in a country. In Afghanistan, with a long history of civil wars, a huge number of people are affected directly, these effects are deep and devastating that led to mass displacement of people in the country. Internally displaced people survive the harshest and most extreme conditions and especially children who are at serious risk of malnutrition and various types of diseases. They do not have shelter and live in wide open spaces and this has caused many of those children to face illness and risk of death. As these IDPs are deprived of all the basic necessities of life, without pure drinking water food, and, access to health clinics. And putting aside that these children also remained out of school and education adds to their horrific living conditions. Poverty and hostile living conditions directly increased the domestic violence against women as well, mostly women and young girls are subjected to unbearable violence in such families in the country. Non-stop pregnancy, and the existence of no health care support for women's health, made the conditions even worse for the women who are mainly more affected than men in the country.

One of HAWCA’s goals is to provide urgent food and health aid to such communities, especially women and children. HAWCA, with the financial support of the FONS MALLORQUI organization, distributed food and health packages that included flour, sugar, oil, soybeans, beans, macaroni, shampoo, soap, and washing powder to needy families.

One of these families is the Khujesta family. She is 30 years old, but the problems in her life have crushed her so much that she cannot walk properly and suffers from back pain. She cannot afford her medical operation and medical needs. She says, "She has spent her whole life not having a good day, and having something to eat makes my greatest day in her life. My children always sleep hungry; I don't have the ability to work. But despite all the problems and severe back pain, I wash clothes in people's houses. Today I feel like it’s Eid, I learned the true meaning of Eid today when you have bread in your house and eat it together with your children.