Medical Support for Khust People

As we all know, the situation in Afghanistan is too bad. People in Afghanistan are living below the poverty line. Women and children are not paid attention to in terms of health, and if they are paid attention to, it is very little. Most people cannot afford to go to the doctor and buy medicine. Hence, the HAWCA team went to Khust, which is a remote province. There is a lack of doctors, hospitals, and medicines. People cannot afford three times a meal, therefore they are very sick and physically they are weak. There is significant unemployment in the Khust province. The people of Khust Province complain about the lack of living facilities. When they saw the HAWCA team, they were very happy, and they requested more cooperation. They had too many stories of their harsh and difficult life for the HAWCA team. For instance.

Bibi Gul: an elderly woman, said she is the only breadwinner in her family and because of hard and tough work, she always has pain in her knees and can't walk properly. She was very happy when she saw HAWCA’s medical team in the area to get treatment for her knee pain. She added she wants to get well as soon as possible, so she can provide food for her children.

HAWCA team is thanking and is very grateful to FONS MALLORQUI for supporting the people of Afghanistan.