International Women's Day

On behalf of HAWCA, I congratulate all the freedom-loving and oppressed women of the world and Afghanistan, who lives in a bad social and economic situation on March 8th International Women's Day.

115 years ago on March 8, more than 15,000 women workers at a New York City textile factory protested against the poor working conditions, which were suppressed by the police. In 1910, in recognition of this courageous struggle of women, Clara Zetkin proposed March 8th as International Women's Day at the International Women's Conference, which was accepted by the majority of votes.

But with the passage of decades, unfortunately, women all over the world are not only oppressed of their rights but also struggle with many atrocities. Violence against women has increased day by day, today, women in our country must fight for their basic rights in life, such as the right to work and education.

Hoping for a better world for women!