Training For the AFSHAR Community Development Council Committees

Training for the Afshar CDC committees is one of the important activities of HAWCA carried out under the project Precious Lives funded by COSPE. In these training the awareness level of the elders and CDC members of the locality is increased in regard to EVAW law, women rights in Islam and according to Afghan constitution and all the other relevant national and international laws. The CDCs are consisting of men and women and meet once every 15 days where they discuss about the hot issues in the area. A special time is given to the issues of violence against women cases where the cases are discussed and resolved. HAWCA representative and defense lawyer for the project is requested to take part in the meetings and take over any case that is concerned with violence against women. The case is first registered and tried to solve through mediation and later on if it is not solved through mediation then it will be followed in the court of law.