Once again workshops were organized by HAWCA for the Human right defenders in Nangarhar, Laghman and Konar provinces covering the districts of Bahsood, Khewa, Surkhrod, Mehtarlam and Asad abad. The program was mainly focusing on advocating for Human rights with an emphasize on women and children rights using the Afghanistan EVAW law, Afghan penal code, Afghan Constitution, CRC etc. The program also covered the topics on monitoring the human right violation cases and reporting them to the concerned authorities.


As a whole the purpose of these trainings were to increase the capacity of the participants on how to protect the women and children rights, how to deal with early and force marriages, how to monitor the women and children rights, how to prevent an act of violence against women and children and how to advocate for the women and children rights.


Training in the Khewa distract of Jalal Abad


Training in the Bahsood district of Jalal Abad




As we know that many people and especially the people living in rural areas are unaware of child rights, we have made the awareness on child rights an essential part of our activities. The best way of implementing this activity is to provide training to the school teachers and parents so that through them the children and other people could get educated on child rights.

On august 1st 2017 a training on child rights was organized for the parents of the children studying in our peace building center funded by KNH, where 55 women took part in the program and the main focus of the training was on child education and nutrition. Other topics were also covered to clarify to the parents what child rights are.

On 21 September 2017, we celebrate the international Peace day in our peace building center. The International day of peace, sometimes unofficially known as world peace day, is observed annually on 21 September.  It is dedicated to world peace, and specifically absence of war and violence.

The program was organized by students and teachers of the Peace building center. They program included, Speeches, poetry, Essay and melody about peace and at the end they had a drama about peace and war.

There are 380 participate in our program.

Human trafficking is one of the most tragic human rights violation issues that exist in Afghanistan.

On 11 July a training on Human Trafficking was organized for the teachers in our Peace Building Center. The program was to contribute in the campaign of providing awareness to the public on what Human Trafficking is. The program covered topics clarifying how Human trafficking splinters families, violates human rights, undermines the rule of law and spurs other transnational criminal activity and how it threatens public safety and national security.

Part of the training was focused on how smugglers smuggle women and children and use them as prostitutes, beggars etc to earn money.

Such programs are necessary for the Afghan community so that they could have a clear understanding of what Human Trafficking is and how to protect themselves and their children from becoming victims of Human trafficking.

The afghan constitution provides a number of rights to the people, however these rights are mostly violated by the police during their duty because they do not know clearly about these rights including the procedure to arrest a female or a child. From 15_ 17th of July a training on women and children rights under afghan constitution was organized for the police officers in Herat to improve their understanding of constitutional rights of women and children and to consider the human rights while they are on duty.


Celebrating the 8th of March is an important activity that HAWCA performs every year. The Idea of celebrating this day is to show the world that in Afghanistan we still have many courageous and strong women activists who are willing to sacrifice everything to bring justice and equality in the country. The program also aims to show the situation of Afghan women and how we can eliminate violence against women through unity.

Like all previous years, in this years’ event we had the pleasure of having our partner organizations with us. Ms. Federica Mesi the director of COSPE was present in this program which made the event even more appealing. It is worth to mention that this program was fully prepared by the students of Precious lives project implemented by HAWCA.


Ms. Najia Karimi the executive director of HAWCA while giving a speech on 8th of March.

Rohina Bawar the communication officer of HAWCA under AHRAM project giving information on women activities.

HAWCA students singing a song on women during the celebration of 8th of March.

HAWCA students reading jointly a poem on women during the celebration of 8th of march.

Students of HAWCA picturing how women are harassed in Afghanistan. and how gender base discrimination takes place in families, through a drama.

Working with teachers to build their understanding on gender equality has been an important activity of HAWCA. Teachers are the ones who are in contact with young children every day and their teaching has great influence on the children. From 8 to 10th of July a training on Gender equality against discrimination was organized in Herat for the teachers who are living in Gebrail distract. The program was to contribute to the campaign of providing awareness to the public on what Gender equality is and how to consider it in the school and other places.


Rohina Bawer representative of HAWCA has met with Ms Ranju Kumari Jha, she is Chairperson of Parliamentary Committee on Women, Children, Senior Citizen and Social Welfare (PCWCSCSW), Legislative Parliament of Nepal since 2014. Earlier, she has served as a lawyer and advocacy campaigner in gender empowerment and protection of child rights. She was the Member of Constituent Assembly that enacted the Constitution of Nepal 2015. She is also the central Secretary of All Nepal Women Association, she holds MA, LLB from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

The Parliamentary Committee (PCWCSCSW) consists of 50 members and is mandated to make and amend laws related to four ministries. It also supervises government policies and programmes that relates to the following Nepal Government Ministries:

        Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare

        Ministry of Education

        Ministry of Youth and Sports

        Ministry of Health

Apart from directing the above four ministries on various issues, the Committee in two years have comprehensively deliberated and forwarded the following laws which the Legislature Parliament plenary session passed and received Presidential assent. 


1.       Act on Sexual Harassment at Workplace (Control)

2.       Act on Witchcraft (Control)

3.       Act on Youth Empowerment

4.       Act on Immunization

5.       Act on Pokhara Health Science Academy

6.       Amendment Act on Human Body Transplantation (Regulation and Prohibition)

7.       Act on Open University

8.       Amendment Act on Education

She was very happy from HAWCA activities and believes that HAWCA’s women make a difference for Afghan women, women all around the world must be together to bring changes. Nepal women claims their support with afghan women, to reach in a society with equality and justice.  

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