On Tuesday April 19th around 9 :00 Am a vehicle full of explosive was detonated in Pul-e- Mahmood  khan area and an attack was done on one of the government security buildings. The attack resulted in killing of more than 64 people and wounding of more than 400 people. Among the casualties there were women, children and infants. This was an unprecedented explosion after the explosion at Shah Shahid of kabul.

For decades the people of Afghanistan are burning in the fire of war, suicide attacks and injustice but the Karzail government and now the National unity government has done nothing to prevent these incidents from happening. The only thing they know to do is to give their commiseration to the families of the victims

Humanitarian assistance for the women and children of Afghanistan (HAWCA) offers its sincere condolences to the families of the victims and strongly condemns this act of terrorism. 

Humanitarian Assistance for the women and Children of Afghanistan (HAWCA) congratulates the 8th of March to all women around the world and particularly to the Afghan women who are mostly the victims of gender base violence. HAWCA is a women right defending organization and is determined to eliminate violence against women or at least reduce the usage of violence against women and so most of its projects are concerned with this activity. HAWCA celebrates this day every year to remind everyone of the high courage of women who stood for their rights. This day is celebrated in Afghanistan while different types of violence against women could be seen in all parts of Afghanistan. HAWCA has always tried to remind the women of their historical movements to achieve their rights so that they do not allow anyone to violate their rights. 8th of March is a chance for women to unite and stand together and eliminate all types of social violence. HAWCA hopes that one day the Afghan women gets their equality of human rights and get free from all forms of violence

Afghanistan is a country that has witness more than three decades of continuous war from which children has suffered the most.
Thousands of children were killed during the civil war of 1990s and were victims of different forms of violence.
When Taliban came to power the condition of children became worse, the girls and women were denied from their right to education. Schools were burned and young boys were forced to join their “Madrasas” so that they could be raised having their terrorist taught in minds. The same children were latter victims of rape, beating and other forms of violence.
With the coming of the collation forces the people thought that their economical, social, cultural and security condition will get better. But unfortunately after 14 years of their presence in Afghanistan, people are still victims of insecurity, poverty and injustice. Currently more than 28 percent of Afghan children are victims of force labor like selling plastics; chewing gums etc on the streets or polish boats, work in the shops, scavenge the garbage or beg on the streets. More than 30 percent of Afghan children do not have access to primary education. In rural provinces and districts due to lake of security most of the schools are closed.
But most important of all is, that children are used as weapons in suicide attacks and fighting, transportation and selling of weapons, drugs and other illegal materials.
Like all other things, the situation of children can be made better if: firstly the political system of the country becomes self sufficient and the hand of foreign intruders are cut from our internal and external affairs forever, secondly security is brought throughout Afghanistan, thirdly constructing factories and providing job for people, fourthly creating a culture that respects the child rights, Human rights, social and National unity.

1: Afghanistan’s law

2: Customs and tradition

3: International documents

International documents:

1: Right to choose free job

2: Right to work outside should be their own right

3: Right of promotion in the job

4: Right of equal behaviour

5: Right of having access to all privileges of job

6: Right of health protection

7: Observing of human rights of pregnant women

This seminar was on 17 Feb 2016 in the literacy Center of OPAWC

From 9:00 o’clock up to 11:30 o’clock and it was efficient

The study tour was for participants to learn and observe sustainable approaches implemented including income generation activities for women in shelters, exit strategies to support women leaving the shelter and the means and mechanisms undertaken by shelters to raise funds to create less dependency on donor funding.

The program was organized by IDLO from 29/2/2016 to 4/3/2016 and Humanitarian Assistant for Women and Children of Afghanistan (HAWCA) being a shelter implementing organization was also invited to take part.

The program was for five days and representatives of different organizations participated in  it. Meetings were organized with Lawyers collectives, Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), Doctors without borders, department of women and children development, Technology and action for rural advancement (TARA), All India women’s conference, Guild for service and NAVJYOTI India Foundation.

written by Rohina Bawer

There was a seminar on 7, 2, 2016 for literacy students of OPWAC from 9:00 to 11:30 o’clock Which was leaded by the precious life project.

The subjects of this seminar were connecting of people from view point of social law and the right of women to work outside and accomplish the proper job.

 It was about 90% effective for improvement of students.

Exactly a year ago we witness the brutal death of innocent Farkhonda by the hands of ignorant people which brought sorrow to all Afghan people. Farkhonda a 27 years old girl was accused of burning Quran by the local Mullah. In the presence of police she was beaten and stoned to death and after that her body was burned in Shah Doshamshera of Kabul city. This violent act united the people throughout Afghanistan and even abroad asking the government to punish the culprits of this act but the afghan courts after three court sessions punished them with few months of imprisonment which is not acceptable by the people and particularly by Afghan women. Humanitarian Assistance for the Women and Children of Afghanistan (HAWCA) as a women right defending organization gives its condolences to all the Afghan women and particularly to Farkhondas family. HAWCA is determined to work for the women victims of violence and be their voice until the day that the Afghan women get their human rights, and we do not have any more victims such as Farkhonda, Rukhshana, Tabasom etc

At the end of the project (women and government working in unison to eliminate violence against women) a national conference regarding the elimination of violence against women law and its impact on the victims and society was organised by HAWCA on 31th of Dec 2015.

In this program, personnel of the government from judiciary, directorate of women affairs, representatives of human right commission, individuals from women right defending NGOs, universities and women activists participated.

During the program the main topic was how the EVAW law has affected the women positively and how it can be improved to make it more beneficial to the women. It was also discussed how the EVAW law can affect the victims negatively and what should be done to make it better.

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