In Africa, Asia and Latin America, there are groups of women who come together – often at great personal risk – to challenge violence and discrimination. They work within communities to enable the most marginalised women and girls to understand, and have the confidence to claim, their rights and their ability to improve their lives. This work not only takes great courage; it requires resources, too.

Womankind is entirely dedicated to working with these women’s organisations.  Our role is to support them with the funding, contacts and expertise they need to build their impact, their networks and their influence. So that more women will get to hear about and understand their rights, and speak out and join with other to create change. And as momentum grows, women’s voices get heard more widely and even bigger changes can result – within communities and throughout society.

By working with these women’s organisations, we ensure solutions are firmly rooted in local communities, conditions, contexts and needs. The long-term partnerships we develop ensure they are sustainable too.