Our counterpart organisations work on various themes, including participation, emergency aid and reconstruction, health and well-being and entrepreneurship. Each year around 170 million euros is spent on initiatives in the South, of which over 30 million euros is available for emergency aid. A small part is spent in the Netherlands on lobby, public support and consciousness-raising.

Cordaid has a strong support base in the Dutch community
This is proved not only by some 370,000 contributors who support Cordaid financially, but also by the commitment of volunteers who collect clothing, organise meetings in their towns or parishes and assist in organising festivals.

People and organisations that set up their own projects can also count on Cordaid’s support. This large-scale commitment is of vital importance to Cordaid. It expresses the solidarity between people and with that forms the core of our identity Cordaid stands in the long tradition of Mensen in Nood (Caritas Netherlands), Memisa Medicus Mundi, the Dutch Bishop’s Lenten Campaign (Vastenaktie) and Cebemo.

Its history goes back to the beginning of the last century when the organisations were active in the area of shelter and (missionary) care for refugees, in providing direct aid in the event of disasters, in medical care and in the direct improvement of the social and economic position of poor people.

Supported by broad layers of the Dutch population, they were able to support the work of hundreds of Dutch priests, nuns, brothers, and volunteers in their care for the whole of humanity. Conditions have changed over the years. The missionaries have handed over their work to local organisations, which has resulted in a huge expansion in Cordaid’s partner network.