(Code name 96) (To protect the identity of the victim HAWCA uses code name instead of the original names)


Age: 21
Education: 6th class
Current residents: Kabul
Permanent residents: Kabul
Marital status: married

It is about two years that she was force by her brother to be engaged with a boy named Hakim without her Consent. Several times she asked her family to cancel the engagement because she wanted to marry with the boy whom she loved but her brother did not hear her. As her father and mother is dead, her brother is in charge of the family and he arranged for the marriage.
As the marriage was against her will and there was no alternative as her brother was not listening to her, she decided to escaped from the house and refer to the ministry of women affairs.

At the start according to the client’s wish our office did several mediation meetings with her family but her brother did not accept and was not ready to cancel the engagement and her fiancé did not come as well. Finally, a petition through 11th district was made. Her fiancé was taken under custody by the police and presented him in the law department.

Her fiancé claimed that they did Nekah during the engagement, the court asked to present five witnesses to support his claim but he failed to do so and so the court announced the cancelation of the engagement.

Because she loved a boy named Saefuden, once again the ministry asked from her brother to come and be present and talk with him to allow the marriage to be done through the family but her brother did not accept this offer and so a Nekah request was done to the court who sent her to the forensic for age determination.

After all the legal procedures were completed, she got married with the person whom she loved and the case got closed.

Note: according to the HAWCA's principles, contacted her several times and till now she is happy and doesn’t have any problem.