(Code name 181) (To protect the identity of the victim HAWCA uses code name instead of the original names)

Two years ago I got married to one of my relatives living in Iran. In the begging we did not had any problem in our life but latter my mother in law and sister in law started interfering in our daily life and filled my life with misery. My husband started beating me and always tried to find an excuse to insult and harass me. He prevented me from visiting my relatives and from going to school.

I took action by making my husband bringing me to Kabul because my family is living here. We came to Kabul and mediation took place between my family and my husband. My husband promised never to beat me again but he broke his promises few days’ latter and once again started to beat me. I have come to HAWCA to get justice and I want my husband to be punished for his cruel acts.

Procedure: Her case was registered in the HAWCA’s registration book and the necessary information was given to her.

Her case was introduced to general attorney department of elimination of violence against women. She was sent to the forensic to find out if she has been beaten. The report provided stated that beating signs has been seen on her body, her husband was taking under custody by the police.

After collecting relevant data, the case was referred to the general attorney department of elimination of violence against women and her husband was sentenced to imprisonment for four months. 

The client was very happy from HAWCA’s support and hoped that the husband becomes a good person after spending some time in the prison.