(Code name 196) (To protect the identity of the victim HAWCA uses code name instead of the original names)

It is about 3 years that I got married and during this time we have not had any children. Because of that, my mother and sister in law insulted me a lot and said that it’s my problem that I can’t get pregnant. So, they wanted to take another wife for my husband to have children and made me to be their maid. They always stimulated my husband to beat me and I am suffering from this condition which even caused me mental problem.

Since my parents are far from me and I could not asked them for help, I had to share this problem with my brother. Few days ago when my husband had beaten me a lot, I went to a police station with him and I reported a complaint against him. I want my husband to be punished for his cruel actions and I also want to get divorce to be free from their oppression.


Her case was registered with the HAWCA registration book and the necessary information was given to her by HAWCA defense lawyer.

Her case was introduced to general attorney. She was sent to the forensic to find out if she has been beaten. The report provided stated that beating signs has been seen on her body, after that her husband was taken under custody by the police and her case was sent to general attorney department of elimination of violence against women.

Her husband was sent to prison but according the agreement between him and his wife, he became ready to give her divorce and instead she will take back her complaint.

At the end, she can take her divorce in this case and she was happy from HAWCA’S support regarding the closing of her case.