(Code name 201) (To protect the identity of the victim HAWCA uses code name instead of the original names)


It is about 3 years that I got married in Iran. In the begging of our marriage we had no problem in our life but as my in-laws started interfering in our personal issues our life started moving in different direction and as time passed it got worst.

The first bad news was that my husband prevented me from going to school, later he stopped me from visiting my relatives, but the harshest treatment was beating me without any reason.

My parents live in Afghanistan so I could not go there and so I pushed my husband to take me to Afghanistan. On the way to Afghanistan he promised that he will change his behavior and will love me unconditionally. But when we came to Kabul, his attitude was the same as before and he continued to beat and harass me.

The client came to HAWCA to get support and HAWCA followed her case in the court of law. The husband was imprisoned for his cruel acts. But now the husband is threatening the client from the prison stating that once he came out, he will deal with her. The client demanded that her divorce should be taken so that she could get free from him forever.

HAWCA opened a new case for the client and through the court of law HAWCA was able to take her divorce. Now the client is very happy and is trying to start a new life.