(Code name 212) (To protect the identity of the victim HAWCA uses code name instead of the original names)

When I was very young I was forced to get married. after marriage I got to know that my husband is addicted to drugs and because of that he has no job and he is beating me a lot even force me to take money from my parents to pay him to buy drugs for himself and if I did not comply with is request he would start beating me.

His parents kick us out of their house and told me to either cure my husband or to take my divorce from him. They also told me not to waste my time with him as he is not going to change.

I want to see if it is possible for my husband to leave drug, and if it was not possible, then I want to take my divorce.


Her case was registered in the HAWCA registration book and the necessary information was given to her by HAWCA defense lawyer.

Her case was introduced to family court. As her husband failed to leave drug, the family court announced her divorce and now she has a chance to start a new life.