(Code name 213) (To protect the identity of the victim HAWCA uses code name instead of the original names)

It is about 25 years that I got married. My husband is a voluptuary and ruthless person and is always beating me and have illegitimate relationship with other women.

In the past several times I wanted to get my divorce but because of my children I tolerate him. A years ago he was sentenced for twelve years of imprisonment for raping the neighbors’ daughter, so now I want to take my divorce.


Her case was registered in the HAWCA registration book and the necessary information was given to her by HAWCA defense lawyer.

Her case was introduced to family court. The family court also introduced a defense lawyer for her husband. During the court trial, the husband rejected all the accusations and stated that he never had any types of illegitimate relationship with any other girl. But HAWCA defense lawyer was convinced that he had a relationship and so after days of hard working the defense lawyer was able to take her divorce. The client is very happy. She has the custody of her children and is living with her parents for now.