Age: 21
Education: 6th class
Current residents: Kabul
Permanent residents: Kabul
Marital status: married

It is about two years that she was force by her brother to be engaged with a boy named Hakim without her Consent. Several times she asked her family to cancel the engagement because she wanted to marry with the boy whom she loved but her brother did not hear her. As her father and mother is dead, her brother is in charge of the family and he arranged for the marriage.
As the marriage was against her will and there was no alternative as her brother was not listening to her, she decided to escaped from the house and refer to the ministry of women affairs.

At the start according to the client’s wish our office did several mediation meetings with her family but her brother did not accept and was not ready to cancel the engagement and her fiancé did not come as well. Finally, a petition through 11th district was made. Her fiancé was taken under custody by the police and presented him in the law department.

Her fiancé claimed that they did Nekah during the engagement, the court asked to present five witnesses to support his claim but he failed to do so and so the court announced the cancelation of the engagement.

Because she loved a boy named Saefuden, once again the ministry asked from her brother to come and be present and talk with him to allow the marriage to be done through the family but her brother did not accept this offer and so a Nekah request was done to the court who sent her to the forensic for age determination.

After all the legal procedures were completed, she got married with the person whom she loved and the case got closed.

Note: according to the HAWCA's principles, contacted her several times and till now she is happy and doesn’t have any problem.

(Code name 160) (To protect the identity of the victim HAWCA uses code name instead of the original names)

It’s about 3 years that I have got married to my cousin. Our marriage was without my consent. I did not want to marry him because I knew that he is a religious fanatic and is not suitable for me. However, my mother and my aunt made me to accept him in marriage.

Now we do not have a good life and he always beats and insults me. He never gave me maintenance and always prevents me from visiting my family. He has doubt on me and never trusted me so he always psychologically tortured me, that is way I decided to take my divorce.

Things done: Her case was registered in HAWCA registration book and the necessary information was given to her about divorces. Her case was referred to law department of Kabul. The case was transferred to the primary court. The court sent a summoning order but her husband failed to come so the neighbors were asked to come and confirm that her husband was psychologically torturing her. The Neighbors gave their statements and based on them the court passed an order for divorce. She got her divorce and the case was closed.

It is about 30 years that I got married and have seven children. During these years, my husband has always been beating me because he was not normal and had mental problems from the begging. He used any unimportant and small issue as a reason to beat me and my children. He even did not pay our alimony, that’s why I have to work in our neighbor’s house to find some money to feed my children and cover my own expenses. My youth was wasted tolerating my husband’s beating and bad behavior. I was hoping that he would change one day, but unfortunately he even became worse than before. He threatened me by gun and wanted to kill my son with a knife a few days ago. I called the police and shouted to our neighbors for help. Thankfully, the police arrested him and he is in the jail now. I wanted to take my divorce for my children’s safety.

Procedure: Her case was registered in the HAWCA’s registration book and the necessary information was given to her and her case was registered in the family court. 

Her husband was sentenced for four months imprisonment. Her husband agreed to divorce his wife by HAWCA’s mediation. She took her divorce and she is happy now.


Code name 128) (To protect the identity of the victim HAWCA uses code name instead of the original names)

It is about 5 years that I got married. My husband, mother in law and sister in law always beat and insulted me. Several times I was injured seriously, even I was hospitalized  but I tolerated because of my children but few days ago once again my husband started to beat me without any reason and kicked me out of the house and took my children.

I went to the general attorney to help me, they introduced me to HAWCA to help me.

Procedure: her case was registered in the HAWCA registration book and the necessary information was given to her about her case. The court asked for medical test to show if she was beaten or not. Therefore a forensic and investigation was done and it was proven that she has been the victim of many beatings and so the court imprisoned her husband for a period of 6 months.

hat she has been the victim of many beatings and so the court imprisoned her husband for a period of 6 months.

It has been two years that we got married. I did not know him before marriage when he came to our house and proposed me from my parents. When my parents saw him and his family, they thought they are decent people and from a reliable family. Therefore, they accepted their proposal and I was forced to get engaged with him. My engagement lasted for about four months, but during this time I could not know him very well. After marriage, I realized that he is not a good man and has relation with inappropriate people.  He started beating me when I protested against this issue and requested him to be away from such kind of people.

 A few days ago during the night, I saw my husband with some of his friends who were using drugs in our house. This made me really worried. The next morning, I requested him again not to interact with such friends. I told him that I can’t trust his friends and asked him why he had brought them home. I tried to convince him that this situation is inappropriate and will create a big problem for us. He did not listen to me and again started beating me. He even pointed his gun at me and shot a bullet. Luckily, he missed and I could survive from that incident. I immediately escaped and went to my parent’s house to shelter. Now, I want him to be punished for his actions.

Procedure: Her case was registered in the HAWCA registration book and the necessary information was given to her.

Her husband is sentenced for three months imprisonment. He promised that he will never beat his wife again, but his wife wants to take her divorce. Her husband promised that if she declare him innocent, he will divorce her. she accepted to do so, but denied to declare him innocent after she got her divorce.

HAWCA’s defense lawyer took her divorce in this case and she witnessed his punishment. The client was very happy from HAWCA’s support regarding the closing of her case.

 (Code name 109) (to protect the identity of the victim HAWCA uses code name instead of the original names)

It is about 4 years that I married with my cousin who was living outside the country. After one year of marriage I also went with him to London. After arriving there and as time passed I realized that I have no value for him and he does not love me. All day long he was outside saying that he is working and had no contact with me. At night he used to bring escort girls and pass his time with them and drinking lots of alcohol.  

I was always nervous and crying and felt neglected and alone. Finally I complained to my mother in law but she also did not care and said I cannot do anything for you. My mother in law did not behave well with me as well because she was always saying that you are a backward woman. I was brought back to Kabul to see my family but I feel that my mother in law wanted my husband to leave me in Kabul because when I came to Kabul my husband left me and did not came back to take me with him. When I call him or send him message to find out what he wants to do with me he responds that he do not love me and he also do not want to divorce me.

I do not know of any solution to my problem, so I referred to HAWCA to help me solve my problem.

Procedure: her case was registered in the HAWCA registration book and she was given information about divorce based on absentee of her husband and her case was started in the family court. The investigation of the court took a lot of time but fortunately after a long investigation the court passed a divorce decree and she was freed. HAWCA was with her and supported her during her case until it was finalized.  

(Code name 157) (To protect the identity of the victim HAWCA uses code name instead of the original names)

 It is about 4 years that I got married; we have a two years old child.
After marriage my husband started doubting on me and never trusted me so this issue always creates problems and misunderstanding between us till he gave me divorce.
After divorce, I asked for my mehria (Dowry) which is seven hundred thousand Afghani. My husband does not have such an amount so I want to take the custody of my child instead.

Procedure: Her case was registered in the HAWCA registration book and the necessary information was given to her. The cases commence in the family court and the plea was presented.
The Husband stated that he do not have the money and at the end of the court session he agreed to give the custody of the child to our client instead. Our client was very happy format his decision and the case was closed.

(Code name 037)

037 is a tall girls with attractive eyes and eyebrows but with a lot of depression and a look that shows no hope for a better future.

She began with her marriage as follows:

 About 11 years ago I got engaged to my cousin against my will. My family put a lot of pressure on me that if I do not marry my cousin they will prevent me from getting higher education and so I had to accept the marriage.

I got engaged and although I was sad and under pressure I passed in the entry examination and got the number to go to the medical faculty. In the meanwhile I got married to my cousin who is an illiterate person and did not want me to continue with my education but I fought for my right of education and admitted myself in the medical faculty.

After marriage I lived with him about two and half years in Paktiya. During these years he and his family continuously beat, harass and insulted me.

Fortunately my family got aware of my condition and brought me to Kabul. I wanted to take my divorce but he and his family warned me that if I apply for divorce they will kill me and my family. For 6 years I lived with my parents and I don’t know what to do. I went to the family court for guidance who referred me to HWACA. I want to take my divorce without putting my life or the life my family members in danger.

 HAWCA defense lawyer registered her case in the registry books and provided her with required information regarding her case and its procedure. She was also told to be relax and that it’s her right to get divorce and her husband can do no harm to her or her family.

The procedure of her case was started from Kabul’s law from where it was referred to the court.

The proceeding started and after six months of continues visit to the court HAWCA was able to take her divorce.  When her divorce papers were presented to her she was very happy and cried out of happiness. As she had suffered from a lot of mental pressures she was referred to HAWCA psychologist. After having 4 sessions with the psychologist she return to her normal state and now is living happily with her parents. She has started a new life and want to help the women victims of violence.


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