HAWCA has English and computer learning centers for the needy ladies who are not able to pay for, so HAWCA has provided this center to learn them, under the precious life project.

This center has about 100 students which are coming from 8:00 up to 12:00 o’clock.

These students have exam every three months which one of these exams were on 3 February and the subject was interchange.



COSPE was founded in 1983. It is a private, secular and non-profit organization that operates in 30 countries all over the world with about 150 projects supporting thousands of women and men for a change that will ensure a sustainable and fair development, the respect for human rights, peace and justice among the peoples.

COSPE work to create a world where diversity is considered a value, a world with many voices, in which we are enriched by confrontation and where social justice is based above all on the possibility for everyone to access the same rights and opportunities

COSPE started working with HAWCA in 2013 preparing the proposal for precious lives project and in 2014 officially became HAWCAs partner to follow the activities of the precious lives project. In 2015 we had another project (AHRAM) together with CSHRN covering the human rights activities. COSPE is the leading partner in both the projects.  


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