Annual Report 2008

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This year HAWCA reached to its 9th years of establishment. HAWCA had started its activities when the most misogynist regime of Taliban was in power. But it is really sad to say that Afghan women are still the very first victims of violence all over the country. The graph of self-immolation amongst the women has reached to its shocking level, women are treated like animals in the remote areas of Afghanistan and most of the women are giving up their own lives in order to bring a new life on this earth.
For those readers who doesn’t know enough about the history of HAWCA, we would like to say that the honor of HAWCA’s achievements, success in the past nine years goes to ALL its committed members who did not recognize day and night working to make a difference in the life of those in need. From the guards and cooks of the organization up to its founders and director all the staffs have played a crucial role to make all this possible to provide assistance and take part in the development process of Afghanistan.

HAWCA believes that without the cooperation of our direct and indirect beneficiaries we could not implement our projects even for a short time. Here we would to acknowledge their contribution and say that they are real heroes to us. 

The last but not least we would like to thank HAWCA’s partners, donors and individual supporters. They have done a great job, maybe we are geographically apart from each other but our hearts are always together. They are the ones that political boundaries didn't stop them from their humanitarian aid and supports. They have always showed their solidarity with us. 

At the end we would like to say that still there is a long way to go. Our people are sill suffering and still they are unable to save their lives in the cold weather of winter.

Administrative Team of HAWCA


Humanitarian Assistance for the Women and Children of Afghanistan (HAWCA) was established in January 1999 by a group of youth Afghan women and men. HAWCA's establishment was motivated by the despair and devastation suffered by Afghan women and children as victims of war and injustice in Afghanistan and as refugees in Pakistan. Living under the same conditions and experiencing the same misery as millions of Afghans in Afghanistan and in Pakistan during the civil war, the leading members of HAWCA committed to achieving their aims and objectives as volunteers, and devoted their efforts to improving the lives of Afghans under difficult circumstances, from the era of Taliban domination to today's insecure Afghanistan.

HAWCA encourages the active participation of Afghan women and youth in the reconstruction and development processes of their country, and works in partnership with institutions and organizations that focus on just development in Afghanistan.
It is worth to add that HAWCA currently holds the membership in the following local, national and regions networks:
•    Member at Afghan Women’s Network (AWN)
•    Member at Civil Society and Human Rights Network (CSHRN)
•    Member at Persian Speaking Women’s Network, which previously known as Persian Gender Network
•    Member at Elimination of Violence Against women Group, organized by UNIFEM
•    Member at Coordination Cooperation Committee and National Shelter Network
•    Member of Parliamentarian and Women Activist Network

HAWCA Plans for the Next Year

•    Continuing the projects of the previous year
•    Opening Legal Aid Center for Female Victims of Violence in Kabul
•    Opening Legal Aid Center for Female Victims of Violence in Herat
•    Opening Peace Building Center for New Generation in Parwan
•    Urgent Aids for Expelled Refugees from Iran
•    Partnership with Italian Cooperation to run the project of “Professional Training and women enterprises Kabul”
•    Giving Human/Women Rights Awareness Training for our Female Beneficiaries in Kabul
•    Focusing on capacity building of HAWCA staff
•    Working on Security Policy/Plan/Procedure of HAWCA
•    Carrying out lobbying and advocacy activities
•    Enriching web site of HAWCA
•    Proposing of  3 Peace Building Centers for New Generation in Kabul
•    Proposing of projects regarding EVAW
•    Finding donor for Now Bulaq School


1- Safe House for Women at Risk

Project Type: Protection and Counseling
Project Location: Kabul
Duration of Project: Since February 2004
Donor of Project: UNIFEM Afghanistan, Ministero degli Affari Estri and ICS
Status of Project: Ongoing
The Safe House, although in the Afghan context it is new, but based on President Karzai’s Decree no. 104 MoWA  was given the task to look for a  safe place to protect those women at risk and female prisoners who finish their punishment time and do not have a place to stay. HAWCA defines Safe House for Women at Risk as a temporary housing/ protection for those women or girls who have been abuse physically, psychological or mentally by family members, powerful communities members, warlords, officials or any,  and has not committed crime and need protection and those women who have no house to live (a temporary protection solution).

The women and girls at risk are being introduced to the safe house through MoWA and Independent Human Right Commission and UNHCR.

Once under protection, HAWCA consider the women and girls at risk as its project beneficiaries. The beneficiaries are provided in the safe house accommodation, three times meal a day, cloths, medical assistance, education, vocational training and awareness about their rights, civilian rights and violence against women as well as counseling on legal rights.

The safe house receives beneficiaries from different provinces and sometimes from Iran and Pakistan as well, HAWCA policy is to promote tolerance among the beneficiaries and tries to assist them to learn about the basic values of democracy and human rights while living in the same environment. The beneficiaries are related to different tribes, families and religious, but the management staffs of safe house are behaving with them equally and empower them with the sense of cooperation with each other at all time.

The project implementation is carried out with collaboration of MoWA, donor organizations, UN agencies, civil society, security authorities, and legal authorities.

A psychologist from Medica Mondaile comes to safe house every Tuesday and works with beneficiaries individually. This psychologist also gives lectures to these beneficiaries. She also practices very light psychological exercises with beneficiaries in order to get relax and for the relief of muscle’s pain. 

A part time doctor is coming to the safe house and treats the ill beneficiaries. Besides treating the patients, the doctor gives health training to beneficiaries also like childcare, vaccination and etc.

Mrs. Manizha and Miss Asia, two staff of Safe House, attended a training on June 2008 in Milan. They shared their experience with the House of reception of ill-treated women in Milan, and learned new things from them. Once they returned back from Milan, they shared the new ideas with the rest of concerned staff of the Safe House.

On 09/03/2008, Safe House had celebrated 8th March and focal points from different parterns had been invited to this celebration. The participant from outside Safe House were Ms. Selay Ghaffar, Director of HAWCA; Mrs. Evana and Mr. Jody Abate from ICS; Miss Monica Bernabe from ASDHA; Miss Mahshid Rostaqi from UNHCR; Miss Habiba from Police Dept. The beneficiaries read poems, essays and had play and at the end every body enjoyed the lunch which was traditional Afghani food.

On 26/11/2008 International EVAW Day was celebrated in Safe House of HAWCA. Beneficiaries of the Safe House had organized a function to celebrate this day. Most of the stake holders from MoWA, UNIFEM, UNHCR and other related departments were invited to this function.

In the month of November HAWCA printed two posters during EVAW week and the theme of the posters were as following:
     1- Say No to Violence!
     2- Work for Elimination of Violence Against Women.

This year the activities run smoothly and a number of 67 women and girls benefited from this project and 28 women and girls returned home safely. 

2- HAWCA's Cultural Center

Project Type: Education
Project Location: Kabul
Duration of Project: Since 2007
Donor of Project: Ministero degli Affari Estri and ICS
Status of Project: Ongoing
Officially the name of this project is "Afghanistan ITW (Identity, Training, Work)", which is a cultural center where public especially women and girls can take advantage of it. This cultural center has library, internet point, English and computer courses, vocational trainings, training/conference/exhibition hall. The other aim of this project is to co finance a part of safe house activities and empowerment of HAWCA management by organizing training for HAWCA managers and operators on project cycle management, micro-credit, fair trade etc

Our partners in this project are as following:

In Italy:
•    Municipality of Osnago
•    Association Chico Mendes – onlus
•    Association NABA Futurarium (New Academy of Fine Arts)
•    Association for a Free University of Women
•    CADM - House of Reception of ill-treated Women, Milan
•    CISDA – Italian Association to Support Afghan Women – onlus
•    Badaracco Foundation
•    Studio Azzurro
In Afghanistan:
•    Ministry of Women's Affairs (MoWA)
•    Embassy of Italy in Kabul

Although the project of Culture Center had already started its work in the month of February 2008 but as our Italian partners were not in Afghanistan on that time so on 11/03/2008, HAWCA in coordination with ICS formally opened the project of Culture Center during a opening ceremony. The participants were delegation from Italy that included Mrs. Evana and Mr. Jody from ICS, Mrs. Laura from CISDA and etc; Miss Jina Haidary head of Education Dept of MoWA; two representatives from Technical Unit and Embassy of Italy; Miss Mahshid Rostaqi from UNHCR; representatives from AWN; HAWCA’s different project managers; staff of culture center and staff of central office of HAWCA. At start of ceremony Miss Selay Ghaffar welcomed all guests and explained briefly about the aims of the project, and then Mrs Jina Haidary gave her speech. Mrs. Laura and Mr. Jody Abate were the third and forth ones who gave their speech.

In the month of April, Selay Ghaffar was invited by ICS to Italy to see all of the partners of this project and do the planning for the staff of HAWCA’s central office, Culture Center and Safe House for Women at Risk to come to Italy and get trained. And in the month of July, they went to Milan, Italy, to attend different trainings.

In the month of August training was conducted for Culture Center staff, Safe House staff and some other teachers on the new methodology of teaching and participatory method of learning.

Besides this all of the teachers of Culture Center were provided with topics which included democracy, human rights, child rights, human rights conventions etc. They were asked to read it thoroughly and all of the topics were explained to them if they had any ambiguity. Then the teachers started to explain these topics to their students and once a week they organized discussion about these topics.

Responsible staff of Culture Center, visited Public Library, Istiqlal Library and Kabul University Library. They explained to them about the project of culture center and its library and asked them for their cooperation. The authorities of these libraries showed their interest and support; they provided the list of their books and even donated us a number of books. The list which they provided us is kept in the library and if these books are not available in our library then students are referred to other mentioned libraries.

On 20th August 2008, staff of culture center along with its students had organized a function to celebrate the 89th years of Independence Day of Afghanistan. They had also invited the staff from other projects of HAWCA; focal point of MoWA; UTL; Italian Embassy; UNIFEM; UNHCR and etc, but unfortunately due to insecure situation, the guests couldn’t participate in the function.

During the EVAW week, staff of culture center along with its students designed posters on charts on the theme of EVAW and hanged them on the walls of culture center.

On 25-26/10/2008 Culture Center accommodated a follow-up workshop of Safety and Security Management that had been organized by ICCO, a Dutch organization and one of the donors of HAWCA. This workshop was a follow-up workshop of the training that had been held by ICCO on 13-15/05/2008.

3- Jamila Micro-Credits (JMC)

Project Type: Promoting Income-Generating Activities
Project Location: Kabul
Duration of Project: Since 2005
Donor of Project: Fondazione Pangea Onlus 
Status of Project: Ongoing
Jamila Micro-Credit Project is an initiative of Fondazione Pangea onlus (Pangea) Pangea Foundation has decided to focus its efforts on implementing a project to promote little domestic economics and to improve their status through micro-credit. The project targets very poor and vulnerable families, particularly women, widows, orphans, and those families living on less than two dollars a day.

In the year 2007 Pangea decided to work under the supervision of HAWCA in Afghanistan and handed over all of its activities and programs to HAWCA along with same previous staff. It was decided that HAWCA as implementing partner has the responsibility for the correct implementation of the project plus its management while Pangea will provide the financial support for the running of the project.

In this project, the potential beneficiaries are selected through local women's NGOs or directly on its own. Every local NGO chooses a lady from its own staff and nominates her as the responsible for the microfinance program inside the NGO. She will be responsible for the NGO in front of HAWCA. HAWCA train and supports her and follows the microfinance process of the local NGO under our supervision to implement the planned activities with beneficiaries and developing the relation of work with HAWCA.

HAWCA distributes micro credit to very poor and vulnerable women, selected among those who have gone to the local NGO or live near to the women center or directly selected by JMC office. The aim is to help them to implement their economic activities and improve their domestic life conditions and their knowledge about literacy, sanitation and civic education.

A fixed amount of money is paid in form of loan to each woman to start a small business and after a fixed period of time she has to give back the loan along with 5% interest. Then the next family is selected and this money is given to this new family and also the interest goes to micro credit.

There are five centers through which we provide micro-credit to the beneficiaries. Two of them are run directly by us; and the other three centers run by local NGOs namely HPWS, AWRC and LCS. We also provide micro-credit to the families of a number of students studying in Ashiana.
This year, in the first session, we provided micro-credits to 151 beneficiaries. In second session micro-credits were given to 148 beneficiaries and in the third to 35 beneficiaries.

4- Now Bulaq School

Project Type: Education
Project Location: Samangan, Afghanistan.
Duration of Project: Since 2001
Donor of Project: ASDHA
Status of Project: Needs to be funded for the year 2009
Now-Bolaq School is one of HAWCA’s schools which basically established in refugee communities in Pakistan, its aim was to establish a school for carpet weaving children of the area. But in the year 2002 when the refugees stated to repatriate and return to their villages, the elders of the community as well as a number of family members of the students suggested HAWCA to also move the school in their village. HAWCA accepted and we are very pleased to the concerned donors who also were kind enough supporting this project inside Afghanistan.

The school was restarted in Now Bolaq right two months after the refugees returned to the village in 2002. But, the school building in this village was bombed during Soviet occupation and the only possible place for the school in the village was the local masque of the village. Again with support and agreement of the community leaders the school was started within the mosque of the village. However, one of the conditions of the community was to use this religious school for temporary time. Therefore, they suggested for building a school.

For the year 2003-4 HAWCA proposed the construction of the school to concerned donors and it was approved. During the year 2004 in the month of November the construction work was finished and it became ready for use for academic year 2005. Now the students are enjoying having a school building with six rooms and 6 local toilettes, drinking water and play ground.

On 19th November 2004 the Now Bolaq primary school was officially opened in presence of Minister of Women’s Affair Habiba Sarabi, H.E. the Governor of Samangan province Mr. Abdul Haq Shafaq, Director of HAWCA Orzala Ashraf and many other high rank provincial department heads such as head of education department, head of MRRD, head of health department, head of security department etc.All the students of the Primary School of Now Bolaq received uniforms, stationary (in monthly bases), clothing for winter, food packages and so on.

Now Bolaq School is also registered with the Ministry of Education’s Primary School Department and occasionally is also visited by the provincial education department members.

The school has grown to 8th grade in the year 2008. A part of this school has been extended to Qara Dong village which is 20 kms far from Now Bulaq village. Since the small children cannot cover the way to come to Nowbolaq Village for attending the school. The villager has granted a room of the mosque for classes of the village children. The first grade and third grade is attending in this village and receiving all the support as Now Bolaq School. There are 3 classes in that village and the place has been provided to them by the mosque of that village.

This year due lack of space in the school, HAWCA decided to build two more rooms along with a corridor. The first room will be used for the office of the school and the second room will be used to keep stock of the school. Also one of the classes is studying in the second shift of the school in the afternoon.

5- CHW Trainings

Project Type: Health
Project Location: Yakawlang, Bamyan, Afghanistan.
Duration of Project: 18 months
Donor of Project: AIDOS
Status of Project: Ongoing
In CHW Trainings, the duration of each training is for two months. and as each training finishes we will select new students to be trained as CHWs. As HAWCA is a women headed NGOs and our target beneficiaries are women and children and we are working in country which is suffering from 30 years of war, so we have also included raising awareness training in course curriculum. Every day trainees study for three hours in the afternoon; in first one hour they are following raising awareness program that includes women rights, children rights, human rights and Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) that has become a very important issue in Afghanistan. In the second two hours they are studying CHW curriculum that has been certified by Ministry of Public Health Afghanistan. Besides the CHW training the medical team that forms a mobile health team goes to the surrounding villages one day a week to check up the patients and provides them with medicines.

Although the project had been already accepted in the year 2007 but due to cold weather of winter we were unable to start it. During winter it is very difficult to travel in the roads of Bamyan because the roads are muddy and rough and very thick layer of snow covers the whole area. So the Public Health Director of Bamyan advised us to start the implementation after the month of March 2008.
In the first six months we selected Yakawlang District of Bamyan Province as it is one of the nearest districts of Bamyan and because we are new in Bamyan so we will start from close area and then as we bind more relation with local community then we will move to the remote areas of Bamyan. Yakawlang District is 97 kms far from Bamyan City and as the road is very rough and muddy so it takes three and half-hours to reach Yakawlang District from Bamyan City. As most areas of Yakawlang are mountainous, most of the people have very few farming land and they are mostly busy with raising livestock and cattle’s. Another reason that we selected Yakawlang is that the people of this area suffered the most during the period of Taliban because they massacred four hundreds men in one day that included very young boys and old men as well.

A team of HAWCA traveled to the area. The team visited the already running course and had a meeting with the trainees and trainers of the course. The purpose of the meeting was to evaluate the progress and flaws of the program. So we can fill the gaps in future and reach to our objectives fully. Overall all of the employees were happy with the course but they mentioned that they didn't have enough models and pictures to better understand lessons. On the next day, all of students were awarded with a completion certificate. Besides this they were paid an amount of money and a clinical kit.

The team also went to field with the mobile health team and monitored their work.

As the two months of the first period of CHW Training was completed, the team surveyed different areas to select the location for the next training. At the end along with the help of Head of Yakalang Hospital and Director of Public Health Department of Bamyan Province, the village of Shato was selected. The word "Shato" means steps in the local language. And if one stand on top of high hill and look downwards the physical shape of the village is like steps, so the name has been derived from its physical shape. This village is 40 kms far from Yakawlang center and a 45 minutes drive to reach the area. A central location was selected for conducting the classes so the trainees can come from another nearby village, Qurgha, can also come to this course. A new contract was signed with all of the staff of the project.

So overall, in short we can say that the month of June 2008 was preparation for the starting the course. The course was conducted in the months of July and August 2008. Then again September 2008 was the month of preparation for the next course and then months of October and November 2008 was for conducting the course.

At the end of second session again the team of HAWCA traveled to the area to monitor the project. Due to cold weather and inaccessibility of the area, the team decided that for the time being activities will be stopped and in the month of March 2009 the preparation for third session will done.

6- Human/Women Rights Awareness Training for Female Students

Project Type: Education (Right Awareness)
Project Location: Yakawlang, Bamyan, Afghanistan.
Duration of Project: 6 months
Donor of Project: UUSC
Status of Project: Ongoing
HAWCA with the kind contribution of UUSC as one of its loyal donor decided to have Human Rights awareness training for the students of the nursing and CHW courses in order to empower them socially and active them in the process of peace building and development of Afghanistan. Due the continuous war women as a first and easy victim of all kind of discriminations and violence suffered the most. Our women are not only suffering from war affected violence but are victims of tradition, religion, cultural and society violence. Raising their awareness about their basic rights and basic principle of human rights is one of the important activities of all civil society organization.  HAWCA has the experience of 10 years of working in this field and we added this in our policies that in every project we are going to implement its necessary to raise the awareness of the women about their rights and way how to get justice. In this way the women can claim for their rights and find way to legal departments of the government and bring justice to their life by their own efforts.  The trainers will be trained on these issues by the main office education/human rights officer.

We were already running a project of “CHW Training” in Yakawlang District of Bamyan Province. So we decided to start Human/Women Rights Awareness Training for the students of CHW Training.

The following topics were taught in this course:
•    Universal human rights
•    Women rights in lights of Afghanistan constitution, international conventions, in according to law and Islam
•    Conflict and conflict resolution
•    Finding legal solution to the problem according to Afghan law and constitution
•    And etc

As mentioned before that the area is very mountainous which makes it very cold and impossible to travel with amount of facilities available in the area. For example the entire road in the province including the highway from Kabul to Bamyan is muddy and there no machineries to clean the 40 cm thick snow from the roads during winter times. So HAWCA as per request of the beneficiaries (they are coming from different areas by foot to attend the courses) of the project and analysis of its staff who had been to the area to monitor the project decided to pause the project during the winter season. Our future plan is to start the project in the month of March 2009. The month March will be utilized for the preparation for the course which includes selection of location, students and etc; the training will be conducted in the months of April and May. Again the month of June will be utilized for preparation and July and August will be training time.

7- TBA Training

Project Type: Health
Project Location: Now Bulaq, Samangan, Afghanistan.
Duration of Project: 18 months
Donor of Project: ASDHA
Status of Project: Ongoing
This project has indeed a long-term social, economic and political benefit for the communities. Nearly all community members are well aware of the fact that women should participate in society and can play a vital role. Although it seems very odd that how people in such remote area of Afghanistan that during winter it is not easily accessible, has reached to this thinking and mentality, here is worth mentioning that this the third project that HAWCA is implementing in this area. At first we had difficulty with them but due to long-term negotiation and discussion of HAWCA members with local community, HAWCA succeeded in convincing them to let their female family members to be active members of the society.

This project is also very helpful for this community, because currently in Afghanistan in every 30 minutes a woman dies during giving birth to a child. There are many reasons for the death of women: in remote areas of Afghanistan men are very conservative and don’t let their female family members to visit male doctor; due bad situation of the roads, it is not easy to reach doctors on time. Once the project is implemented, the women from their own villages will be able to help during delivery. Also during this project (18 months) the basic sicknesses of the patients will be treated by the doctor.

The project is located in a northern province of Afghanistan, rural area of Samangan province where economically poor people are living. The people living in this area are mostly of poor and vulnerable.  The area need development especially education and health assistance is basic need for the people. There are 30 students in one class and one doctor will teach those two hours per day and six days per week. Students are coming from the neighboring houses and they follow the classes regularly. Besides this when there is a patient in need of assistance the doctor with a group of 5 trainees are assisting her in regular turn (for every patient the doctor with 5 trainees).

HAWCA delegation visited the area and did a campaign in coordination with the supervisor of the project and local community. This worth mentioning that HAWCA has very good relationship with local community because this is our third project in this area. The first one was Now Bulaq Primary School; the second one was having literacy classes for both women and men of the area. Coming back to campaign that HAWCA did in the area: HAWCA organized an event in the area. In this event HAWCA printed an article about this project and its benefits in Dari language and during this event distributed it amongst the guests that had come from those villages where this project will be implemented. In this event HAWCA also had prepared food for these people. This event was necessary because this project is totally related to women and we wanted to create good relation with people so they let their female family members to come and attend these classes.

8- Distribution of Stationary for Students of Now Bulaq School

Project Type: Education
Project Location: Now Bulaq, Samangan, Afghanistan
Duration of Project: One time
Donor of Project: Embassy of Great Britain in Kabul
Status of Project: Finished
Every year Embassy of Great Britain in Kabul organizes a big party called Embassy Summer Ball in which they invite guests from different institutions and organizations. This event is more for entertainment where the guests can enjoy the food, drinks and music. Besides this, they raise money for charity too and give the money to a charity organization. This year, Embassy of Great Britain in Kabul had selected HAWCA. HAWCA had printed pictures, posters and leaflets that explained about the programs and activities of our organization. Miss. Selay Ghaffar, Director of HAWCA, had a ten minutes speech in which explained the programs and activities of HAWCA; thanked Embassy of Great Britain for selecting HAWCA and added that the money rose from this event will be utilized for buying stationary for the students of Now Bulaq School in Samangan province. Every body including the Ambassador of USA and Canada really liked our work and activities and expressed their full support. After some days the money was given to HAWCA and we used that money to buy stationary for students of Now Bulaq School in Samangan.

9- Higher Education Program

Project Type: Education
Project Location: Kabul
Duration of Project: Since year 2002
Donor of Project: AIDOS
Status of Project: Ongoing
HAWCA has provided free high education opportunity for a number of male and female youth during the year 2002 through the fund which AIDOS, an Italian NGO, allocated for the project. The project provides all the expenses of around 5 girls in Pakistani universities and colleges. The expenses include monthly tuition fee, exam fee, books, stationery, transportation, one time sneak during lunch and other trivial expenses. HAWCA is very eager to increase the number of beneficiaries of this program if provided with required fund.

The main objective of this project is to arm the next generation of Afghanistan with the modern knowledge in all fields of life. The beneficiaries of this project will contribute in the reconstruction of the country and will infuse modern and advanced knowledge in the minds of their fellow country men and women in the near future.

The first five students finished their university studies and now AIDOS is supporting another student to continue her studies inside Afghanistan. She has completed her first year of studies in this year. This project is also helping in capacity building of the HAWCA staff as most of the beneficiaries of this project are working for HAWCA while they are were studying and after they have finished their studies.

10- Sponsorship Program

Project Type: Sponsorship
Project Location: Kabul
Donor of Project: Individual Supporters  
Status of Project: Ongoing

10.1- Nadia

In the year 2006 HAWCA tried to seek possible ways for Nadia’s plastic surgery. As result thanks to our partner ASDHA, Monica Bernabe (director of ASDHA) had found a hospital and sponsoring organization in Barcelona, Spain for her treatment. Nadia traveled to Spain, Barcelona to attend a series of conferences on Violence Against Women in Afghanistan in November 2006 and she continued to stay in Barcelona for her treatment. HAWCA is supporting Nadia’s family in her absence as she is the only breadwinner of her family. Last year she was operated four times and her treatment is going on. This year started to study university in Spain and now she is studying computer science.

10.2- Qadeer

Qadeer is a young boy who was taken by HAWCA to Spain for treatment of a medical treatment. He is being sponsored for regular medical check ups and education expenses. Merce from Spain is his sponsor. HAWCA is also seeking possible ways to encourage Qadeer to learn a skill and start his own small business. Like previous the medical and financial support was continued for Qadeer. This year he continued with his school, computer and English course.

10.3- Nazanin

Nazanin had been to Milan, Italy, with the help our supporter CISDA, for treatment in the year 2006. After in-depth analysis of her medical case, the doctors said that Nazanin has an inflammation of the small blood vessels of her hands and this causes part of this disaster. What the doctors of Genoa Hospital (Gaslini) cannot understand is the origin of this inflammation. This inflammation is getting better, but even if the recovery is on the way is leaving her hands with a serious retraction of the skin. They said that we must wait for the complete stop of this retraction and than it will be possible to think at some operation to “rebuild” the skin of her hands. In the mean time she must continue to use the creams she was given at the Hospital and do some movements with her hands because this will help to stop the retraction.

As far as it is concerned the diagnosis of radiodhermitis this is not secure and it is been given in lack of alternatives explanations and because this type of lesions have been seen by a doctor that saw something similar in Iraq. But they cannot say anything precise about the possible source: not even if it is a matter of beta or gamma rays.

In the year 2007, Nazanin had been to Italy for three times to be treated. At the end CISDA an Italian NGO found a family with whom Nazanin will live. Now Nazanin stays in Italy until she is fully recovered, she will also continue her schooling there.

In the year 2008, Nazanin continued with her schooling and treatment. In the summer she had come to Kabul to visit her family. She spent two months in Kabul and went back to Italy. Besides this CISDA is also collecting donations for her family and send it through HAWCA to Nazanin’s family.

10.4- Tamana and Sahil

Tamana and Sahil are sister and brother supported by one of our individual supporter, Miss Leila Roy, living in France. These two children are suffering from Hepatitis C disease. Their mother died of kidney and lever disease in the year 2008. Both kids got this illness from their mother. Their father is a camera man and all what he gains is nothing in comparison with the medical treatment of these two children. The money from support of Miss Leila Roy goes to the treatment and education of these two children.

10.5- Shabana and Rahman

Shabana and Rehman are another two kids belonging to two different families. Their families are very poor and both of them have lost their father. They are supported by an individual supporter of HAWCA, Monica Daigl Cattaneo, living in UK. Every year Monica Daigl Cattaneo sends a fixed amount of money exactly on the birthday of her little daughter, Angese. 

10.6- Distribution of Food and Cloths for Some Families in Bamyan

On the month of March 2008, Insieme Si Puo'... ONLUS, a charity organization from Italy, send some donation to HAWCA through one of its members who regularly visits Afghanistan. HAWCA used this donation to distribute food and cloths for some families who are very poor and needy in Bamyan.

10.7- Humaira

Humaira, 14 years old Afghan girl from Farah province had been burnt by fire during cooking. She belonged to an extremely poor family that can hardly survive the poverty.  Poor Humaira was a highly talented school girl and last year she was selected as the best student of the year in her school.
HAWCA immediately made urgent actions to save the life of this ill-fated young girl. She was taken to a burn center in Herat and the doctors described the burning level as highly critical – over 50%. The burn center was not enough equipped to admit such a high critical case, therefore, they referred her to Estiqlal hospital in Kabul but unfortunately this hospital had the same status and advanced to take Humaira to Pakistan as soon as possible. Thanks to UNHCR and ICRC that helped HAWCA to take Humaira to Pakistan by plane. None of the hospital in Peshawar and Islamabad accepted her case and she was finally hospitalized at a well-equipped military hospital called CMH in Kahrain, on the way to Lahore, 200 km away from Islamabad.

Once again HAWCA appealed for the donation for her treatment and the following organizations responded to this appeal:

2- Contribution by member of UNHCR Kabul from their salaries
3- Fondazione Pangea Onlus

HAWCA would like to thank all of the above mentioned organizaions and ICRC for their support and help, but unfortunatly the burning level of Humaira was very high and she couldn't survive. The donations sent by the mentioned organizations were given to the family of Humaira to be used for her funeral.

Lobbying and Advocacy for Women Rights and Other Activities

  1.  In the year 2008, representatives from different Afghan women NGOs had been invited to Delhi, India to attend the conference focusing on CEDAW. After returning from India, HAWCA with the help of other nine women's NGOs made CEDAW Initiative Committee (CIC). Currently Miss Selay Ghaffar, Director of HAWCA, is leading this committee. This committee with the help some other NGOs will write the shadow report of CEDAW. Besides this they will also help the government to write its version of CEDAW report.
  2. From 2-13 March 2008, HAWCA representative attended a workshop in India that had been organized to “Share the views of Afghan and Indian NGOs.
  3. On 13-15 and 20-22 May 2008, four members of HAWCA attend traning on “Security Management Course” in Kabul organized by ICCO, a Dutch organization.
  4. On 9 June 2008, member of HAWCA participated in the seminar of Global Rights.
  5. On 5-10 April 2008, member of HAWCA attended a training on “Human Rights and etc” in Kabul organized by CSHRN.
  6. From 10-21 July 2008, five members of HAWCA traveled to Milan, Italy, to attend different trainings on Fair Trade, Exchange of Ideas on Safe Houses, Designing Local Crafts and Library Management.
  7. On 15-16th July 2008, member of HAWCA participated in training on “Children Rights” in Kabul by Save the Children of Norway and Sweden.
  8. On 03-04th September 2008, member of HAWCA participated in a training on “Administration and Management” in Kabul organized by AWN.
  9. On 12-13 October 2008, member of HAWCA participated in a conference on “Combating Human Trafficking in Afghanistan” in Kabul organized by IOM.
  10. On 15-16 October 2008, three member of HAWCA participated in the workshop of “Follow up Security Management Course” accommodated by conference hall of HAWCA, organized by ICCO.
  11. On 8th November 2008, member of HAWCA participated in the training “web designing” in Kabul organized by AWN.
  12. On 12th December 2008, HAWCA accommodated in its conference hall a conference by Medica Mondiale Afghanistan on Marriage Registration Process.
  13. HAWCA  representative attended three days workshop organized by Front Line in Kabul on Security for Human Rights Defenders.
  14. HAWCA representative attended 5 days conference on Gender Rights, Right to Environmental Security, Right to Social Progress, Economic Enterprise, and Political Participation: Women’s Condition and Female Movements in the Arab and Islamic Countries organized by University of Tuscia Viterbo, Italy from 2-5 October 2008.