Education: Peace Building for the New Generation

Project Name: Peace Building for the New Generation
Project Type: Education
Project Location: Herat City.
Donor of Project: ICK (ICCO & Kerk In Actie)
Status of Project: completed

This project is aiming to promote peace building and conflict resolution among the children of the communities in suburbs of Herat City in the west of Afghanistan. The project has 200 direct beneficiaries including girls and boys and around 7000 indirect beneficiaries as families of students and staffs. The study program help girls and boys children in an after school program. It accepts those children who are attending primary schools from 1st to 6th grade. Within 12 months the children are expected to learn about the methods of conflict resolution and promoting peace within their families as well as their communities. HAWCA has experience with this project in the last four years in Kabul, Nooristan and Samangan provinces. The local communities living in a deep poverty and on day-to-day work are not in the position to contribute materially to the project, however HAWCA will ensure to get their commitment as local community to protect and support the center’s reputation in the location and collaborate in the overall management of the center.