Education: HAWCA's Culture Center

Project Name: HAWCA's Cultural Center  
Project Type: Education
Project Location: Kabul
Duration of Project: Since 2007
Donor of Project: Ministero degli Affari Estri and Istituto per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo di Alessandria (ICS)
Status of Project: Ongoing

Officially the name of this project is "Afghanistan ITW (Identity, Training, Work)", which is a cultural center where public especially women and girls can take advantage of it. This cultural center will have library, internet point, historic archive, English and computer courses, training/conference/exhibition hall. The other aim of this project is to co finance a part of safe house activities and empowerment of HAWCA management by organizing training for HAWCA managers and operators on project cycle management, micro-credit, fair trade etc

Our partners in this project are as following:

In Italy:

  • Municipality of Osnago
  • Association Chico Mendes – onlus
  • Association NABA Futurarium (New Academy of Fine Arts)
  • Association for a Free University of Women
  • CADM - House of Reception of ill-treated Women, Milan
  • CISDA – Italian Association to Support Afghan Women – onlus
  • Badaracco Foundation
  • Studio AzzurroIn 
In Afghanistan:
  • Ministry of Women's Affairs (MoWA)
  • Embassy of Italy in Kabul


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