Promoting Income-Generating Activities: Jamila Micro-Credit (JMC)

Project Name: Jamila Micro-Credit (JMC) 
Project Type: Promoting Income-Generating Activities
Project Location: Kabul
Duration of Project: Since 2005
Donor of Project: Fondazione Pangea Onlus
Status of Project: Closed

Jamila Micro-Credit Project is an initiative of Fondazione Pangea onlus (Pangea) Pangea Foundation has decided to focus its efforts on implementing a project to promote little domestic economics and to improve their status through micro-credit. The project targets very poor and vulnerable families, particularly women, widows, orphans, and those families living on less than two dollars a day.

In the year 2007 Pangea decided to work under the supervision of HAWCA in Afghanistan and handed over all of its activities and programs to HAWCA along with same previous staff. It was decided that HAWCA as implementing partner has the responsibility for the correct implementation of the project plus its management while Pangea will provide the financial support for the running of the project.

In this project, the potential beneficiaries are selected through local women's NGOs or directly on its own. Every local NGO chooses a lady from its own staff and nominates her as the responsible for the microfinance program inside the NGO. She will be responsible for the NGO in front of HAWCA. HAWCA train and supports her and follows the microfinance process of the local NGO under our supervision to implement the planned activities with beneficiaries and developing the relation of work with HAWCA.

HAWCA distributes micro credit to very poor and vulnerable women, selected among those who have gone to the local NGO or live near to the women center or directly selected by JMC office. The aim is to help them to implement their economic activities and improve their domestic life conditions and their knowledge about literacy, sanitation and civic education.

A fixed amount of money is paid in form of loan to each woman to start a small business and after a fixed period of time she has to give back the loan along with 5% interest. Then the next family is selected and this money is given to this new family and also the interest goes to micro credit.

There are five centers through which we provide micro-credit to the beneficiaries. Two of them are run directly by us; and the other three centers run by local NGOs namely HPWS, AWRC and LCS. We also provide micro-credit to the families of a number of students studying in Ashiana.