Supporting Gulkhana MCH, Kabul


Project Name: Supporting Gulkhana MCH   
Project Type: Health
Project Location: Gulkhana, Kabul.
Duration of Project:
Donor of Project: FIOP, Spain.
Status of Project: Closed and ended 

The MCH of Gulkhana is working since year 2001, and it is providing basic health service to a large number of women and children such as Gulkhana, Qala-e-Shada, Deh Qabil, Chahar Qala, Qala-e-Wazir and Pol-e-Sokhta. The medicine which ministry of health is providing covers only a small part of people’s needs; therefore, one of the big challenges for the clinic is lack of medicine and other medical facilities.

The program is to facilitate and rehabilitate the MCH of Gulkhana as target clinic. After the visit HAWCA health staff had to the center, we’ve decided to provide them with some cleaning works and rehabilitation works. Providing the clinic medicine and as the economical conditions of the staff is not good and the salary of government is very low, so the project will also support a monthly payment to each of our staff.

HAWCA was supporting this clinic in coordination with Ministry of Public Health (MoPH). The staff had received the salary and also the clinic has been provided by medicine. HAWCA’s health supervisor paid visit twice a week to monitor all the activities of the clinic and help them solve the problems which they were facing.