Scholarship Program

Project Name: Scholarship Program     
Project Type: 
Project Location: Peshawar, Pakistan. 
Duration of Project:
Donor of Project: AIDOS
Status of Project: Ended and closed

A number of 40 children are taking benefit from this project. Almost all of them are from poor families but they are intelligent and very brilliant in their studies. An Italian NGO (AIDOS) is supporting this project. The objective of this project is to provide better education and educational environment for the students, mainly girls. A number of boys are also the beneficiaries of this project. The beneficiaries of this project attend best Pakistani schools in Peshawar, Rawalpindi. They receive all kinds of stuff needed for their schooling. In addition, families of the students receive an amount of money instead of the money that their children brought them before joining this program. Actually before attending the school, most of the students worked either in their home or outside home.So, the money is instead of their working time for their families.