Education: Higher Education Program

Project Name: Higher Education Program    
Project Type: Education
Project Location: Islamabad and Peshawar
Duration of Project: Since 2002
Donor of Project: AIDOS
Status of Project: First phase ended and second phase ongoing

HAWCA has provided free high education opportunity for a number of male and female youth during the year 2002 through the fund which AIDOS, an Italian NGO, allocated for the project. The project provides all the expenses of around 5 girls in Pakistani universities and colleges. The expenses include monthly tuition fee, exam fee, books, stationery, transportation, one time sneak during lunch and other trivial expenses. HAWCA is very eager to increase the number of beneficiaries of this program if provided with required fund.

The main objective of this project is to arm the next generation of Afghanistan with the modern knowledge in all fields of life. The beneficiaries of this project will contribute in the reconstruction of the country and will infuse modern and advanced knowledge in the minds of their fellow country men and women in the near future.

The first five students finished their university studies and now AIDOS is supporting another student to continue her studies inside Afghanistan. This project is also helping in capacity building of the HAWCA staff as most of the beneficiaries of this project are working for HAWCA while they are were studying and after they have finished their studies.