HAWCA Computer Course in Peshawar

Project Name: HAWCA Computer Course    
Project Type: 
Project Location: Peshawar, Pakistan.
Duration of Project:
Donor of Project: Manos Unidas
Status of Project: Ended and closed

This year in February 2004, HAWCA established another computer course with help of its old donor Manos Unidas, in a refugee camp in outskirts of Peshawar.

The direct beneficiaries are the young Afghan girls and boys aged from 15 to 30. The people here are poor enough to pay for the education of their children in private courses which charge fee.  As clearly known, more than two decades of war has torn apart the very bases of the Afghan society inside and outside the country, in all aspects. One the field which has been hit hard is the very live of the people. Because of this people don’t have any stable source of income to be able to pay for all the expenses of their children, including education. The people here are mostly busy in brick kilns and work as daily labor. Others are working as shopkeeper, hawkers and watchman, A few number are serving as teacher or nurse in the school and clinic of that area.  With the money they earn, hardly they can feed their families. Each year a number of 40 girls and 40 boys attended this course and after they completed the course, they got certificate that helped them in finding new jobs.