Literacy Center in Nimrooz

Project Name: Literacy Center   
Project Type: 
Project Location: Zaranj, Nimrooz
Duration of Project:
Donor of Project: ASDHA as partner and Govern basc, Ajuntament de Castell-Platja d”Aro, Ajuntament de Polinya, Ajunmeatnem de Mutriku, Principat d”Asturies, Platja d´Aro Council, Mutriku Council, Vasc Country Government,  as donors,  Italian Cooperation (As donor) and GVC as partner, plus some individual supports.
Status of Project: Ended and closed

Nimroz centre was located in Zaranj where two hundred Afghan women and adolescent girls, without distinction of their ethnic group, have been enrolled in the center. In this center students were sitting on chairs and are provided with other necessities of a education center. They were studying for three in day from 8:30 to 12:30, and were graduated after passing three years of academic and at then end were provided with certificates of graduation.