Literacy Courses in all Afghanistan

Project Name: Literacy Courses   
Project Type: Education
Project Location: Afghanistan
Duration of Project:
Donor of Project: Individual supporters of HAWCA
Status of Project: Ended and closed

During the time of Taliban, female education was banned, but a number of girls were attending private and secret literacy courses and were paying fee to attend the classes. Afghansitan is a very poor country especially during the time of Taliban it was more misirible due to drought and non-deplomatic relation of Afghanistan with other countries. Most of the people were not able to pay the tuition fee to send their daughters to private literacy courses and besides this as they were illegal so it out of reach of every one. 

To add a drop in overcomming these misiries, HAWCA opened many secret literacy courses in all over Afghanistnan that were free of charge and students were provided with books, stationaries and other materials.