HAWCA's School No. 3

Project Name: HAWCA's School No.3    
Project Type: 
Project Location: Arbab Road, Peshawar, Pakistan.
Duration of Project:
Donor of Project: Women for Afghan Women (USA), Women’s Commission (USA), Funds from My Faraway Family (Kate Orne) and individual funds from HAWCA supporters.
Status of Project: Closed

HAWCA had established this school in year 2002. This school had a total number of 200 students that included both girls and boys. Most of the students were child labor and bread winners of their families.  HAWCA provided free education and other facilities to them. HAWCA had also arranged food distributions many times in this school and our mobile health team visited the school regularly.  

Unfortunately due to lack of funds we couldn't keep the project running for a long term and the total duration was for two and the half years.

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