Dara-e-Titin School in Noristan Province

Project Name:  Dara-e-Titin School    
Project Type:
Project Location: Titin Valley, Noristan, Afghanistan.
Duration of Project:
Donor of Project: D.S Party (2003-2004), Peace Association and Municipality of Rome (2005-2006), Counterpart Int (2007).
Status of Project: Closed

Primary School of Nooristan was under construction during the year 2003. At the 2nd half of the year the work was finished while the school program was going on in the open air. The school is having 6 rooms, for classes, admin office, guard house, a store, a larger room and an open land for entertainment and sports of the students. The area people are very supportive to this project, hence some of the extra activities to clean up and breaking of stones were part of volunteer contribution by the community in Nooristan Dara-e-Titeen area. Children from several villages around are attending the school. Girls and boy are coming at the same school. One of the challenges in these areas is lack of well-experienced teachers. But, despite of that the students receiving all basic facilities for getting education such as books, stationeries, uniforms, classrooms, chairs, black boards and chalks etc.

he school is located in a highly mountainous valley, where the roads are still not paved and it is a 9 hour journey by walking for the local residents to reach the external world. The houses in the valley are all built of stones and wood. As it is a lush valley with many trees, one of the sources of income for many women and men is collecting wild fruits, nuts and wood which are then carried to external markets and sold. The women of Nuristan are known to be strong wood-pilers. Due to lack of cultivatable land, agriculture in the area is not very popular. The girls and boys who are students at HAWCA’s school are involved in daily activities with their parents, traditionally boys with their fathers and girls with their mothers. Households in this valley do not have access to health facilities or safe drinking water and live in deep poverty. The teachers at this school are part-time workers on their fields or in animal husbandry.

In the summer of 2005, the Governor of Nuristan, Mr. Tameem Nuristani, visited the area and came across HAWCA’s school.  He was very impressed by the school’s existence and excellent management, where girls and boys both equally have access to the whole facility. Mr. Nuristani who himself walked to the valley was surprised to see ‘how metal chairs, black boards were transported there across those heavy mountains?!’ The school was built and all its equipment was purchased in Kabul and sent to the area. With great support from the community, the school team managed to carry chairs and tables to the area.

Also some extra material such as human rights education material and peace awareness material are being sent to the school in order to include it within the curriculum of the school. Currently a number of 482 students, girls and boys are attending this school.

The students continue their classes the same way as it started and the subjects they study (besides their school studies) are:

  • Peace Building (Is a series of books 1st to 6th Grade –produced by SDO- which includes wide range of subjects such as conflict resolution, anger management etc.)
  • Awareness on rights, i.e. what is right?
  • Awareness on Child rights in a simple language.
  • Convention of Rights of Children in a simple language.

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