Mahjoba-e-Harawee Primary School

Project Name: Mahjoba-e-Harawee Primary School    
Project Type: 
Project Location: Tajabad and Arbab Road, Peshawar, Pakistan. 
Duration of Project:
Donor of Project: ASDHA, Spain.  
Status of Project: Ended and closed

This school was the very first project of HAWCA and was initiated with the establishment of HAWCA. Mostly the total number of students, girls and boys, reached to 260. A total of 18 staff worked to run this school. Besides education, the students also were receiving a monthly package of food as well as support from a medical team who were visiting the school regularly.


It is worth mentioning that a significant number of students in this school were working children and the breadwinners of their families, in the morning they attend school and for the rest of the day they work to earn money for their families. They were garbage collectors, mechanic workers, and shopping bag and water sellers. HAWCA also supported a number of the students’ families.


In the last year of the project a tailoring course which was new activity had been introduced in the school. A total of 30 students in two shifts were studying in this course. Each shift had 15 students and they were studying for one hour. The first shift started at 03:00 pm and finished at 04:00 pm and then the second shift started at 04:10 pm and finished at 05:10 pm.

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