Precious Lives


Project Locations: Kabul and Herat

Duration of project: 2014-2017

Donor of the project: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Project status: Ongoing.

During the pass years volition of human rights have reached its peak, Hundreds and thousands of lives were taken in conflict zones. Among the countries that suffer the most from the conflict is Afghanistan. Every year thousands of men, women and children are killed in suicide attacks, air strikes etc. but war is not the only means of violence in Afghanistan. The patriarchal system of the country has given extra privileges to men and has denied women from their basic and fundamental rights. Beating, rape, child marriages, force marriages, baad and badal are some forms of the violence that women are facing in this country. To most of the men living in rural areas women are just made to give birth to their children, cook food, wash cloths etc.

But this project believes that all lives are precious no matter what gender is it. The project seeks to empower women socially, economically and politically so that they become self-sufficient in the society and men do not look at them as a burden but as a supporter and coworker. In so doing women will get the lost dignity and respect that they deserve. Through its legal aid centers for women victims of violence and community development committees of both men and women, the project seeks to fight against violence against women and bring justice to all women. The project is a contribution to the process of eliminating violence against women.

The achievements of 2015 have been as follows:

-          Providing legal services to 155 women victims of violence

-          Providing legal advice to 110 women

-          Providing psychosocial counselling to about 218 Women

-          Providing 123 legal awareness programs to CDC members and local community

-          Providing English and computer courses to 140  women

-          Providing vocational training and literacy course to about 280 women

-          Starting the first phase of the research on Violence against women